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Define treatment in social science research, and then explain

Added on - 21 Sep 2019

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1.Define treatment in social science research, and then explain what would classify atreatment in each of true experiments, quasi experiments, and field surveys.AnswerTreatment in social science research means that the way in which a person deals with somethingor someone and behaves towards a particular thing. This thing might be any topic on which aperson basis his/her research or, it could be related to discovering something.Treatment in true experiments: The treatment of the key factors that affect the thing orphenomenon of interest.Treatment in quasi experiments: To treat the statistical variables.Treatment in field surveys: To treat the set of decision rules2.Why might you prefer a single case study, and under what conditions might amultiple case study be preferred? Providing a short example will be helpful inexplaining your logic.Answer1
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