Enhancing User Experience for Financial Planning with Nutmeg


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Defining and Motivating a ScopeDevelop an argument that claims it is timely, important and of general interest to evaluate your chosen topic. Gather evidence from e.g. the Internet, and the ux literature e.g. hcibib.org and acm.org/dl to support your argument.Ask workshop helpers to suggest keywords for your searches, or to suggest kinds of literature that might be relevant.Your argument is a construction – you need to work out how claims link together, and how other people’s work is relevant.Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: What makes my topic important?The strongest argument is to use facts and figures about real world, business trends to claim all of the following: Industrial Beneficiary: a specific real company needs to improve ease of use to make their business more profitably, create more value for their customers.General interest: your problem is related to many other problems. For example, information seeking is a common task, which occurs during many different contexts, from shopping, to scholarly research/discover, and general fact-finding. Your work will be relevant to many other contexts, though not directly applicable, of course. Word, excel, Visual Studio, KU library, M&S website all have filtering controls.Scale: your problem is large in scale, in terms of usage/number of users worldwide e.g. Google search engine results page. Innovation: your topic is still developing, so its actual interest, importance and beneficiaries are likely to be more than they are now e.g. any application for iPad Good definitions of scopeClearly distinguish your topic, from other possible topics it could have been confused with. For example, you are concerned with:ousers are novice programmers only, not experts; osearching for multimedia information resources, not just journal articles.Highlight the features of your topic that are particularly important in your case. For example level of user knowledge (novice vs expert) is often important for advanced, technical applications, such as database management tools. In contrast, for self-service photo booths, technical knowledge of photography is not so important – in the photo-boothcase, the expectations of the photobooth process is probably most important.
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Summarises and locates this project, without going into great detail (which pre-empts the analysis stage)Q: What kind of ‘usability’ issue would you expect to encounter with <insert your topic>?TopicKind of IssueNovice users attempting complex tasksInterface is unclear , ‘cluttered’, and unhelpfulDesk top applications for experienced workers Efficiency of layout, appropriate component selection; learnability/explorability; memorabilityMobile applicationsConvenient access to most important functionality; fit with social practices (acceptability)Web sites for general publicDoes not appeal to, or meet expectations of, some market segments; not as good as a competitor site;Multimodal, multimedia applicationsFlexibility (support for various patterns of use) GroupwareImplications for co-ordination and patterns of communication within the groupWhen you inspect the interface yourself, and interview users about the problems that they have encountered, do the issues identified cluster together? can they be grouped together in any way?What qualities of interaction and effectiveness criteria are particularly relevant to your problem? ... Learnability? Efficiency? Engagement? What is important to your users? What kind of users are youconcerned with? What kind of tasks do they perform?Q: How should I structure the Introduction & Background section?There is no single ‘universally best’ answer – it reflects your topic and they are all different in important ways.SectionExampleCurrent Trends/Situation. Outline real world business and technology developments concerning market share, popularity, availability, sophistication. Emerging markets, dominant trading positions, wavesof innovation.)“Following many mis-selling scams, the general public are increasingly buying stocks and bonds directly over the Internet rather than through intermediaries, such as Personal Financial Advisers. ..... “ <Add References business growth rates, identifycompanies>Identify your topic - the types of users, tasks, contextsof use, software and hardware, and Nutmeg.com lets users plan their life, such as setting a date at which to retire, and then
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