Deliverables. There are two different programs to submi

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DeliverablesThere are two different programs to submit for this assignment:1. A c program called testing.c that contains the three requiredfunctions and a main function that methodically tests each of thethree functions.testing.c should require no user input to run.2. A c program called editor.c that uses the functions toimplement a line editor as described in the previous text.Marks breakdown summaryThe marks will be roughly 25% from testing.c and 75% fromeditor.cMarks are given primarily for correctness and correct use ofcoding constructs.You will lose marks for inconsistent indentation, variable names,brace placement,wrong file name, poor code readability,etc.You will lose marks if you do not use loops, switches, if/else, etcproperly and effectively.Do not use global variables or goto statementsYou will lose marks if you submit an overly complicatedalgorithm as a solution.This program does not requireextremely complicated algorithms.More Details about marking40% of the mark comes from automated testingrunning styleCheck/cpplint (files attachedso you can try it)lose up to 10 marks for errors in style checktype "python" after putting both files in the samedirectory as your source codezero in this section if the file name is incorrecttests compilation and warnings-10 marks for each warning,0 on assignment if it doesn'tcompile40 pts automated tests of required functions60% of the marks come from TA grading15 pts correct editor functionality15pts program designsuitability of algorithms
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