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Democracy Dies in Darkness Assignment 2022

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Added on  2022-10-17

Democracy Dies in Darkness Assignment 2022

   Added on 2022-10-17

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Democracy Dies in Darkness
Democracy Dies in Darkness
Democracy Dies in Darkness  Assignment 2022_1
Democracy Dies in Darkness
According to my view this line has a deep meaning when it comes to understanding the
changing nature of the American democracy. In today’s time American democracy is
transforming into a capitalism democracy where the propagandas have taken the marketing
routes and has greater influence on the political thinking of the people. I believe this line
suggests the fact that there is constant decrease in partisanship which has been an essential
path bearer of democracy especially in terms of democratic participation. In the time when
the social media is playing one of the biggest roles ever in the American democracy, the
nature of discourse has changed. Current political issues such as losing faith of the people in
their elected representatives and hence ideologies have gone at stake (Carney, 2017). In
democracy ideologies had bigger role to play but in today’s time, almost all the ideologies are
at verge of extinction (Friedman, 2017). There is undoubtedly the highest use of money
power in the election. It is not the ideologies that are winning these days but the person with
better marketing is winning in different states. Governments every day is becoming less
accountable towards the public and the media is not asking the questions to the government
that they should have asked.
I believe that this statement is also in the form that media in U.S. is not as much free as it
was. Corporates are running both media and government policies. This can be seen by
observing the decisions of the U.S. congress. It is seen that media houses are not acting as a
pillar of democracy to raise the voice of the people. I believe the way in which government in
U.S. in controlling and playing with the privacy of the people is not in the interest of the
democracy. With the type of fake news and wrong prerogatives given to false headlines, the
first two words (“Democracy dies”) of the phrase are explaining it. I also believe that in the
liberal capital states like U.S. it is hard to find free and unbiased media (Concha, 2017).
I also believe that the policy making and decision making of the country has shifted into the
hands of the business man. U.S. congresses and its representative’s behaviours also reflect the
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