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Department of Computer ScienceProject (6000/6001/6100) Ethical ApprovalThis form is to be used to provide information of ethical issues of your project,evenif there are no activities that need approval. The form must be completed before youhave any involvement from participants. You are required to submit the form to yoursupervisor by5thNovember 20181.Project detailsNameStudent NoProgrammeSupervisorProject Title2.Ethical Approval RequiredDiscuss your project with your supervisor to determine if ethical approval isrequired, i.e. does it contain any user activity/data as part of the work.The proposed project does not require ethical approvalIf you have checked the above box, send the form to your supervisor.The proposed project requires ethical approvalIf you have checked the above box, complete Section 3 and then send the form toyour supervisor.Sample participation and consent forms and guidance are provided from page 4onward in this document.
3.Description of user activities within the projectIn order for ethical approval to be granted you have to supply appropriate detail of anyplanned user activity within the project. Please answer the questions in this section as fullyas possible. If you do not yet know the details of the study then give an outline of thelikelyactivity. However, if the eventual activity significantly differs in relation to ethical issues youwill have to reapply for approval.3.1Outline any proposed activities involving (interviews, observation, focus groups,questionnaire etc. Include how participants are selected, included or excluded?)3.2Where will the proposed activity/activities take place?3.3Who do you expect your participants to be? What will the age ranges of the participantsbe? What are you arrangements for dealing with vulnerable people, e.g. seeking consentof their parents/carers?3.4What will the participants be asked to do?3.5What potential risks do the activities pose to you or your participant/s and how will theybe overcome?3.6How do you intend to manage the privacy and confidentiality of users’ data?3.7How will you maintain the confidentiality of data resulting from your research activity?3.8How do you intend to secure the informed consent of your participant/s? (See templateforms at end of this document)3.9What do you intend to tell the participant/s about the purpose of your research?3.10Are there any other potential ethical issues raised by your proposed researchactivity? If so, please detail them.Once completed send this form to the Project Tutor.
4.ApprovalTo be completed by the Supervisor.Has the student adequately addressed the following issues, where appropriate?Providing participants with full details of the nature of the researchVoluntary participation with informed consentWritten description of participant involvementParticipant selection information and freedom to withdrawPrivacy and confidentiality issuesSigned acknowledgement and understanding by participantsConsent arrangements related to children and vulnerable adults via theirgatekeepers (e.g. parents, teachers and carers)Health and Safety issues minimised and managed (i.e. lone working, leavingcontacts details with another person while on research trips)Consideration of relevant codes of conductApproval GrantedEthical issues have been considered and any concernsresolved between the student and supervisorApproval PendingEthical issues have been considered and there are someconcerns requiring discussion with the Project TutorApproval by PanelEthical issues have been considered and there areissues that require consideration at a CMP Ethics PanelDigital Signature Student........................................Digital Signature Supervisor..................................Date:.........................................................................
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