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Department of Computer ScienceFinal Year Project Specification (6100COMP)Complete this cover page and write your specification starting on the next page using theheadings provided.This template is to be used to provide the initial outline and the final specifications for yourproject. The draft rendition should be submitted to your supervisor by 22 October 2018. TheFinal approved version to be uploaded to the Canvas handler on: 29th October 20181.Project detailsNameStudent NoProgrammeSupervisorProject TitleBrief description(up to 100 words)2.ChecklistMeetingI have met with my supervisor in person to discuss my ideasYES/NOApprovalI have received my supervisor’s approval for thespecificationYES/NOManagementI have arranged regular meetings with my supervisorYES/NOEthicsI have discussed ethical approval for the projectYES/NODomainI have agree which domain I will be undertaking a project inYES/NO

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