Application of Systems Analysis and Design Practices


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Department of Computer ScienceModule NoCO6027Module TitleAdvanced Systems Analysis and DesignAcademic Year2017-18Assessment No1Date OutDec 2017Submission date12:00 midday, Tuesday, 2nd May, 2018Assignment TitleApplication of Systems Analysis and Design practicesLearning Objectives Assessed1.Demonstrate an understanding of the principles underlying current approaches to systems analysis and design 2.Apply these principles to the development of accurate systems models 3.Generate comprehensive solutions using appropriate tools and techniques4.Critically assess the role of Systems Analysis and Design in the software development process Submission InformationSubmit all documentation via a single Word file using the appropriate Turnitin link.Please ensure that you incorporateall the material e.g. Visio diagrams, MS Project files etc. into a single Word file. Do not submit a zipped file.1
Application of Systems Analysis and Design Practices_1

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