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Department of Management ScienceQuestion 1BRAND NAME:LEMONADETAGLINE:QUENCH YOUR THIRST FOR WITH A LEMONADE BURST!LOGO:Question 2The Four Types of Market SegmentationSegmentation of market are four basis of market:Segmentation by DemographicSegmentation by PsychographicSegmentation by BehavioralSegmentation by Geographic
Segmentation by DemographicDemographic segmentation is one of the most well known and usually utilized sorts ofmarket segmentation. It alludes to measurable information about a gathering of individualsExamplesof Demographic Market SegmentationLocationGenderAgeIncomeFamily SituationSegmentation by PsychographicSegmentationby Psychographic gatherings of people and clients by components that relateto their identities and individualities.Examplesof Psychographic Market SegmentationAttitudesInterestPersonality traitsValuesLifestyles
Segmentation of BehavioralSegmentationof Behavioralcenters as on in what way the client acts.Behavioral Market Segmentation ExamplesUser statusPurchasing habitsBrand interactionsSpending habitsSegmentationof Behavioralrequires you to know nearly your customer’s exercises. Theseworks out may relate to how a client interbank together with your brand or to other worksout that happen truant from your brand.Segmentation of GeographicSegmentation of Geographic can insinuate to a characterized geographic constrain, (forcase, a city or ZIP code) or kind of locale, (for case, the measure of city or sort of air).Geographic Market Segmentation ExamplesCountryZIP codeCityUrban or ruralIdentify the target market and segment of our brandTarget market:ChildrenTeenagerYouthOldFollowing are include in target market of lemonade.Customers who are very conscious about their health during this pandemicsituation or having symptoms of virus as it is rich in vitamin C which help tostrong immune system which is ultimately help corona patients as theystrong immunity.
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