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DEPLOYMENT DOCUMENTThis application is developed using Yii-2 framework. This framework is part ofPHP backend platform. To deploy this prototype, we need two to things to bedone first.1.Apache Server2.Mysql ServerApache server must be running on the system, and mysql platform also needsto be installed. To install in local-server we use technology called XAMPP.XAMPP is a suite of APACHE, MYSQL. Using this we can import our requireddatabase structure in mysql admin (phpMyAdmin).After importing of database, go to current running server space i.e htdocs inXAMPP where installed. Run the XAMPP server and import required yiiframework files. Now open browser and type url : localhost/{folder name inwhich files are kept in this case STM/backend}. Now your prototype is running.Superadmin needs to enter first to create users (Admins). Superadmin cancreate admins. And admins can modify and implement CRUD operations.Functional Requirement1.Admin user can login using their emails or username. If we want to allowusing email, simply put email also in username.2.Admin user can only edit data of website, but cannot make other adminusers. Users can only be made by Superadmin.3.All the admins and superadmin can do CRUD functionality on data.Non Functional Requirement1.Student can easily come and see their required data by searching. Theydo not need to edit any data. Just check data and go.Key Technologies:-1.Yii framework- This is an open source , MVC pattern based framework ofPHP.2.MYSQL- This is open source relational database management system.3.AJAX- This is Asynchronous Javascript and XML for API calls.4.XAMPP- This is suite of Apache and Mysql.5.HTML- This is hypertext markup language. Browser understand thislanguage and convert it into structure which we see as a website.

6.CSS- Cascading Style Sheet. This is used to design out HTML Layouts. Thiscan be used as externally or internally both ways.Server Requirement (Minimal):-1.Processor:- 1.6 GHz2.Main Memory (RAM):- 1.75 Gigabyte RAM3.Hard Disk Space:- 1x40 Gigabyte o free space or more is required forsuch content managing system.4.Apache needs to be installed for the deployment of web files.5.Also mysql-phpmyadmin should be configured for the properdeployment of prototype. This will helpful inn viewing hardcodeddatabase.Load Balancing:-This is done during the extra load on server. We need multiple server tobalance the load. If multiple server are available then the load can bedistributed among the multiple server which would be coming on single server.For given prototype when students increases and cms gains its strength, it willneed need multiple servers, and using platform like Amazon Web services, wecan easily do load balancing.Enhancing Performance:-Performance of website can be increased by1.Better Processor2.More RAM3.Search Engine FriendlyBetter Processor:-Every task executes at clock speed and these speeds are measured in unitcalled Hz. More precisely in today’s world, it is GigaHertz (GHz).If more GHZthen faster is the process and increase the speed. This improves theperformance od website. While choosing server, it should be taken in care.More Random Access Memory (RAM):-This contains the cache of our recently accessed files. If this is less in memory,we loses the cache more and again and again page neds to be loaded from itsplace. If there is more RAM available the, cache stored is more. And becausecache stored is more so, more number of recently accessed pages can be

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