Depression: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

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Research Proposal
Topic:Examine Depression Among Men (16-21) in the London Borough Hackney?CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTIONIntroductionDepression is defined as mental health disorder that is characterised through loss of theinterest in many activities, causing the significant impairments in the daily life. It is mostcommon and serious medical illness that impact negatively on human body. It causes feeling ofloss of interest in all activities (ALLBESON, 2012). It can lead to variety of the physical as wellas emotional issues and also can reduce ability of an individual to function at home andworkplace. Depression is illness that can impact how an individual feel, acts and thinks. Ascomparison to women, depression in men is more, men do not like to arrive at doctors andtalking about depressed and feeling sad. In rare cases, they will mention any behavioural andemotional complexities to the doctors. Mainly men seem to talk about their emotional issues incontext of stress than sadness.BackgroundDepression refers to the mood disorder that can cause persistent loss of interest andfeelings of sadness. It develop negative impact on mind of people and many be need the long-term treatment. Symptoms and Signs of depression are different in women and men. Men tend touse the various coping skills both unhealthy and healthy. In depression situation, men feel tired,have complexities in sleeping, feel sad and not get the pleasure from the activities which theyenjoyed (Brown and Fehrenbacher, 2013). London Borough Hackney is London Borough inInner London, United Kingdom. Administrative and historical heart of Hackney is Mare Streetthat lies the 5 miles north-east of Charing Cross. In London Borough Hackney, there is a issueof depression among the men whose age is between 16-21. It has been seen that among this age,adults feel more depressed. Depression in men at early stage develop negative impact on theirmental and physical health. It often manifests as anger, abusive behaviour escaping behaviouraggressive etc. The other escaping behaviour that has been noticed concern tendency of mento become in form of extramarital affairs or series of brief, over sexually active andemotionless sexual encounters.1
RationaleThis research is taken in to consideration on Examine Depression Among Men (16-21) inthe London Borough Hackney. It is helpful in gain the knowledge and aware about the issuesbehind depression of men in London Borough Hackney. Learner conduct this investigation fortheir self interests. On the other hand, the skills and knowledge of a learner will be enhancedregarding the specific research area.Literature search strategySearch strategy refers to an organised structure of the key terms that is mainly used tofind database. Search strategy combines main key concepts of search questions in context toretrieve accurate outcomes. Literature search is organised as well as considered search to find outthe key literature on topic (Georgiou, 2016). For conducting the literature review, there are manydifferent sources which can be used are books, articles, journals, internet sources etc.AimThe main aim of research is “ To Early screening for depression”. A study on LondonBorough Hackney.ObjectivesWhy the increase?What policy available?Support system/method use?2
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