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Description And Architecture Assignment

Added on -2019-09-18

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Description And ArchitectureI choose to develop the database of used car application. In my application two types of user can access the application with their particular usability inthe application. First type of user is end user who use this application to buy the products, first user have to login or signup in the application than he can perform many task like see the products, add them into their wishlistand buy them. The second type of user is admin which will control the details of end user and products. In this application admin can add new product , edit detail of existing product, delete the product, can access details of end user and manage the process of buy product.The architecture of my application has seven tables first one is table of product which contains the information regarding the product. Second tableis product brand which will has all the product brand available in the market. Third table is product category which lists all the type of category available in the market. Fourth table is product image in which there is images regarding any product, the purpose of make different table for product image is that a product can contain more than one image. Fifth table is customer table which contain all the records regarding customer. Sixth table is customer wish list in this table record of that product which customer put in his wishlist. Seventh table is order table in this table record of order placed by the customer is recorded.
E-R Diagram
Use Case Diagram
In this use case there are two actors which will access the application and their functionality are described belowCustomer - Customer can login or sign up in this application by filling up theform containing its personal details. Customer can see all the products withits detailed description. Customer can search or filter the products on the basis of brand and category. Customer can place order of any product with the quantity he required and after placing the order he can able to see the status of the order he paced.Admin - Admin will able to see the details of the customer. He can add, update and delete any product. Admin can able to see the status of every product placed by any customer and will update the status of the order as required.

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