Descriptive Statistics for NCC WK Assignment

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Running head: DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS FOR NCC WK 41Descriptive Statistics for NCC WK 4Jared NorrellQNT\56118 July 2016Professor Villalobos
DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS FOR NCC WK 42Descriptive Statistics for NCC WK 4Determine the appropriate descriptive statistics.Note: If the data was normally distributed, use the mean and standard deviation. If the data wasskewed significantly, use the word median and interquartile range.Numeric Variable: Sales (Units)Distribution:Central Tendency: 8173 (Rounded to Integer)Dispersion: 121.4534564 ~ 122 (Rounded to Integer)Number: 36Min/Max: 7975/8400Confidence Interval:(if distribution is normal)Numeric Variable: Marketing Spend ($)Central Tendency: 86888.88889Dispersion: 7671.013261Number: 36Min/Max: 72000/98000
DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS FOR NCC WK 43Descriptive Statistics InterpretationNumeric Variable Sales in UnitsThe first variable used for the descriptive statistics is sales in units. It covers all models ofcars, or sales unit. This variable is a dependent variable as the total sales are driven by the costspent on marketing. From the scattered plot in Appendix B, it is evident that sales and marketinghave a linear plot where sales of units sold is dependent on the amount of money spent onmarketing in each month. From the descriptive statistics it is identified that the average numberof units sold over 36 months is 8173 per month with a variation of plus/minus 122 units.Numeric Variable Marketing SpendThis variable takes into consideration the total amount of money spent on the monthlymarketing campaign. The data for 36 months is considered for the interpretation as the sales ofthe company have been declining for the last 3 years. With the help of interpretation ofmarketing spending and the sales, it will be easier to check the hypothesis that higher spendingon marketing will help in increasing the overall sales.Appendix A: Raw data used in the analysisMonthsSales (units)Marketing Spend ($)
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