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The Home1TECHNICAL BUILDING PROPOSALBy NameCourseInstructorInstitutionLocationDate
The Home2Executive summaryA home is a dwelling place which in most cases is used permanently or semi-permanentlyresidence for a family, an individual, and households or sometimes a large group of families.This report involves designing a building which will act as a home for seven people of whichfour of them are adults, two are children under the age of 12 years, and one is a disabled andwheelchair bound adult. The building which is proposed comprises of six bedrooms, onestudy room, and a music room. The music room will be treated with special acousticmaterials in order to enhance the control of noise in the proposed building. Due to thehandicapped and wheelchair-bound adult, the house will have a ramp to facilitate his/hermovements within the building. Further relevant information regarding the materials usedwill be given in detail.Materials for the music room and their advantages.For the music room, the materials used for the walls should be sound proofing in order toenhance sound control. The noise from the music hall should be controlled in order to reduceannoying noises to other rooms. Some of the materials that can be used for the music roominclude:Low-cost acoustic panelsSound and noise isolation foamsSoundproofing foamSound materials barriersClear plastic curtainsNoise absorbersMaterials with high acoustic materials
The Home3Advantages1)Improved safetyBy using acoustic materials, it greatly helps to reduce the risks which are associated with loudnoise. The children who are under the age of 12 years can have their eras destroyed in casethey are exposed to high levels of noise. By use of this materials the safety of the kinds in theproposed home is enhanced[CITATION Fra15 \p 349 \l 2057 ].2)They create a welcoming environment.By using the above-mentioned materials in the music room, it is very hard for the noise of themusic being played to get into the other rooms such as the bedrooms and the lounge. As thereare very low levels of noise in the other rooms thus creating a pleasant and welcomingenvironment[CITATION Fra15 \p 172 \l 2057 ].
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