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Assignment on Design and Provision of Service PDF

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DESIGN AND PROVISION OF SERVICE2Design and provision of a SERVICEEDUCATIONPART ONE: INTRODUCTIONEducation is the intelligent, optimistic and humble cultivation of learning which is carried outwith a belief of sharing out to others. Education is believed to be grounded in a longing thatindividuals may flourish and share it widely, it is conversant, dutiful and intelligent and on theother hand, education is deliberate and optimistic.Education has a greater significance to both individual and the society at large. On the side ofindividual development, education enhances personality development. Through education,individuals can adjust through clear reasoning and think on environmental matters. To the younggeneration education enhances future preparation that is after completion of education a childdevelops and modifies his behavior.The prosperity of a nation largely relies on effective education, leadership training, nationalintegration are all fruits of quality education. In addition, education enhances citizensunderstanding of their rights and responsibilities. For planning and analysis of the provision ofquality education the explained features are essential.Education should have objectives which an individual need to attain, for instance for educationto be effective to the nation is should comprise specifications, duration of time, both financialand natural resources, control and budget. Education should follow steps and procedures thatdefine areas individuals should cover to achieve the set standards. An effective education shouldbe structured in a manner that points out the responsibilities and authority of various stakeholdersinvolved in offering the service. It should also have documented standards, procedures andpractices that should guide by giving out clear instructions on what should be done and finally itshould contain methods of measuring the achievements of individual after every stage.Quality plans should be integrated with the education strategic planning. quality plans vary fromactions plans and they are presented in different forms. Education quality plan consists ofappropriate procedures, techniques, and standards which measure duration. Quality planning andanalysis of activities enhance the satisfaction of customer needs.
DESIGN AND PROVISION OF SERVICE3PART 2: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION2.1. Stakeholder AnalysisSchool Administrators1.Expects the education standards to meet the board's requirements.2.Help in professional development i.e. promoting and maintaining the competency levelsof teachers.Teachers1.Encourage students in the program which they should follow.2.Keep parents informed on the well-being and development of studentsStaff members1.The staff provide a safety and health sanitation to enhance effective learning of students2.Providing advice to the authority on the hygienic condition of the institutionStudentsEnsure that the syllabus is covered by the facilitator in the required timeActive participation in interactions with other students and teachers for instance in discussionsParents1.Encouragement and support of educational activities such as finances2.Participation of schooling activities and consultation on educational matters in relation totheir childrenCommunity members1.The community provides access that is providing a transition of the youth in the periodthey are in school and post school period.2.The community educates the students on disability awareness and illustrates on measuresthat are doneLocal leaders
DESIGN AND PROVISION OF SERVICE41.Provide services and material that are important for education in the community2.Coaching and mentoring individuals on the importance of educationBoard members1.Incorporate the community on education program of an institution with regard on whatstudents should know.2.They act as a watchdog by ensuring the best education standards is given to the studentsGovernment officials1.Sets the budget that can run the education without any challenge2.Sets rules and regulation which guide the education system in the country.Religious groups1.Train students on the correct religious values2.Advice the learning institutions on religious matters and the curriculum they shouldfollow.2.2.Capturing the Customer NeedsThe following are methods of capturing the customer needs; Interviewing, Commentboxes, Social listening, Usability tests and surveys.SWOT AnalysisInterviewingStrengths...High chances of collecting reliable dataCan make use of nonverbal cues.Time-saving techniqueOpportunitiesThe interviewer has control over theresponse he/she expectsEasy to get first-hand informationDevelopments interpersonal relationship,Enhance exploration of the occurrenceWeaknessExpensive and cumbersomeLimits the sample sizeThreatsThe attention of the respondent is easilyaffected by interruptions.
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