Design for a Pedestrian Bridge at a Railway Station

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Design for a pedestrian Bridge at a Railway station2Annotatediagrams of the structure, identifying all dead loadsIntroductionLoads are very fundamental and very key consideration in the course of designing anddeveloping structures since they clearly outline the various dimensions and the any forces thatact on the particular designed structure.[ CITATION NY15 \l 2057 ]They are most often dependentand influenced by the intention for which the particular structure is put up and therefore in thecourse of coming up with accurate, optimum and a better value for a particular design, it istherefore especially very essential and necessary to apply ultimately very real design loads in theprocess of designing a givenstructure.[ CITATION Ste \l 2057 ]Below is an annotation of the samestructureand of a local bridge.Dead loads would actually refer to the value of the particular given weight of the structure itselfand some of the components which have an attachment to the particular given structure, forexample the metal structure, length and other fundamental structural and nonstructural elementsof the given particular object which in this case is a structure.For the case of a bridge structure, the dead loadswould entail the particular accurate weight ofthe bridge itself, the structure and the value of the weight of its divisions and/or partitions, thegiven weight of the wall components and materials, weight of the top of the structure and all thestructural components of the structure.The focus on the weight of the construction materials, for instance giving few of examples of acase of the following materials such as copper, steel, concrete, cement, brick, bronze, brass,aluminium, iron, lead, limestone, marble among others.The value of the weight of the equipment’s such as machine used for example escalators, lifts,feeders, heating equipment’s, mixing machineries and many other machines which are used onthe given construction processes.Additional loads also have certain values which are really not worth neglecting in the course ofthe process of designing the structure, differences between the estimated and the actual weights.
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