Design Mindset in Innovation: Advantages and Process


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Design Mindset in context to innovation”
Meaning of
Design mindset is considered as a skill that helps
to enhance the productivity also in the workplace.
It assist in solving complex problems and also
search for the most appropriate solutions (Grace &
Graen, 2014).
Design mindset
Empathize : focuses on the audience
Define: point of view are considered
based on the need of the users.
Ideate : consider creative solutions.
Prototype: construct the ideas.
Test : Evaluation of the ideas
Design mindset in
In the process of
innovation design
mindset is one of the
famous aspect.
Innovation has moved
from engineering driven
to design driven
Advantages of design
mindset in context to
Through this it can be simple
to analyze the demand of the
customers and also it
generate creative solution
(Carlgren, Elmqvist & Rauth,
2016). It helps in learning or
acquiring the knowledge fast
(Van Der Pijl, Lokitz &
Solomon, 2016).
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