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MGMT20140 - Design Thinking for Managers

Added on - 18 Nov 2021

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Design mindsetA design mindset is a solution focused
activity which is action oriented
towards the creation of a preferred
future (Lande, 2016).
In design mindset, there are three
chief elements that includes, creativity,
empathy and rationality (Khanduja,
Bihola & Dave, 2017).
Creativity is one of the chief
criteria for having design mindset
(Gobble, 2014). Through this
course I have effectively
developed my creative thinking
process which has increased my
design process.
Creativity is a quality that is highly valued in
design process. Though this learning, I have
understood the creative people are
spontaneous, less controlled and expressive.
According to Cairns (2017), creativity in the
design mindset is ability to see and
understand things from different
perspectives and expand the design
To Daniel (2016), design process is a
problem solving process where the
creative design solves the approaching
issues in a systematic manner.
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Through this course I have developed essential factors to develop creative
thinking process that has helped me to overcome design issues.
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