Concept of Design Project: Assignment

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Design projectThe concept design project involves the following steps: 1) defining the problem andunderstand the customer’s requirements; 2) preparation of the design specification; 3)creation and analysis of concept ideas; 4) transformation and evaluation of initial idea. Duringthis process, you should have used the appropriate techniques/methods, investigated theproblem and made decisions convincingly and thoroughly. Please note that all steps shouldbe evidenced in your report.POINTS TO NOTE:It is very easy to state a conclusion which might be the right one. However, it is not goodenough to just do that in report. You must show how you have arrived to such conclusion.Most includeThe Concept Design CAD model (SolidWorks assembly and part files)You are strongly advised to follow the marking criteria (detailed below) when preparing thereport.Car Transport TrailerTransporting car using trailer is an important job. There are a wide range ofcustomers and thus a wide range of needs, and hence designs.You are required to identify a specific sub group of customers and provide a designsolution for them. It can be trailer for formulae student team; a trailer for F1 team; atrailer for motor sport fans, ......You may even want to design horse transport trailer;You can choose any one of them, however, once you have chosen, it is up to you todemonstrate your knowledge and capability to complete the design. Write about the motorsport trailer
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