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CI5220 Networking and Operating Systems Assignment

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Networking and Operating Systems (CI5220)


Added on  2019-09-18

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Designing an IP Addressing SchemeCI5210 Networking ConceptsCI5220 Networking and Operating SystemsAim of the CourseworkThis IP addressing design coursework is intended to develop your understanding of the structure ofIP addresses, the role of subnet and supernet masks, how a suitable public IP addressing schememight be designed for an enterprise, and how this is subsequently used to assign IP addresses tosubnets as well as hosts.RequirementAn enterprise wishes to develop a public IP addressing scheme to allow it to connect to the Internet.Using the company specification and the physical network design given below, develop a suitablefixed-length subnet mask IP addressing scheme and assign addresses to all your subnets and routerconnections i.e. the routers’ points of attachment. Your answer should contain (i) a clear descriptionof the methodology you have followed (ii) the subnet and supernet masks that arise from yourdesign (and expressed in the appropriate notation), and (iii) a list of the subnet and router IPaddresses you have created in dot notation. (Make sure you clearly identify to which subnets androuter points of attachment these addresses are assigned.) The network address assigned to yourcompany is PointsNote that there is not necessarily a single correct answer. This coursework requires a fixed-length subnet mask IP addressing scheme. However you maywish to submit an additional variable-length subnet mask (VLSM) addressing scheme. Additionalmarks can be gained in this way - see the marking criteria. A fixed length subnet markingscheme, however, must be submitted.If you feel any of the specification below is ambiguous or unclear, feel free to make any sensibleassumptions though remember to write down these assumptions in your report.There are no specific length or word count requirements. However please note the markingcriteria listed overleaf.You are strongly advised to complete the workshop exercises before starting the coursework. You are strongly advised to show all steps in your working.SpecificationA sailing equipment tele-sales supplier is split over two sites. The large Sales and Accounts teams arebased in an office suite in Port Solent while the depot is located near Stansted airport. These twosites are connected by a leased line. Their physical network design is illustrated in Figure Q1 below.In Port Solent, the Ethernet LANs of the Sales and Accounts workgroups are connected directly tothe site’s WAN router. The Sales team is 100 strong while the Accounts team require only 12workstations. The Heathrow operation is based in two buildings connected together via an ATM sitebackbone. The first building contains the Design and Logistics workgroups while the second building
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