BSBLDR502 - Leadership & Diversity

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T-1.8.1_v3Details of AssessmentAssessment TypeSimulation Exercises andCase Studies (IndividualSubject NameLeadership & DiversityDetails of Unit(s) ofcompetencyUnit Code (s) and NamesBSBLDR502 Lead andmanage effectiveBSBLDR504 ImplementDiversity in the workplaceDetails of StudentPurpose of the AssessmentThe purpose of this assessment is to assess the student in thefollowing learning outcomes:Competent(C)Not YetCompetent(NYC)BSBLDR502 KNOWLEDGE EVIDENCEexplain how systems, policies and procedures can support the developmentof effective work relationships focusing on interpersonal styles,Leadership & Diversity, Assessment No.1 v1.1 Last updated on 11/06/2019 by MMPage1
T-1.8.1_v3communications, consultation, cultural and social sensitivity, networking andconflict resolutionoutline legislation relevant to managing effective workplace relationshipsBSBLDR504 KNOWLEDGE EVIDENCEexplain how organisation’s policies and procedures relate to diversitygive examples of barriers to inclusive engagement in a diverse workforce andpossible strategies to address themdescribe inclusive behaviours that support diversity integrationAssessment/evidence gatheringconditionsEach assessment component isrecorded as either Competent (C)or Not Yet Competent (NYC). Astudent can only achievecompetence when all assessmentcomponents listed under “Purposeof the assessment” section arerecorded as competent. Yourtrainer will give you feedback afterthe completion of eachassessment.A student who isassessed as NYC (Not YetCompetent) is eligible for re-assessment.Resources required for thisAssessmentComputer with relevantsoftware applications andaccess to internetWeekly eLearning notesrelevant to thetasks/questionsInstructions for StudentsPlease read the followinginstructions carefullyThis assessment has to becompletedIn classAt homeThe assessment is to becompleted according to theinstructions given by yourassessor.Feedback on each task will beprovided to enable you todetermine how your work couldbe improved. You will beprovided with feedback on yourwork within two weeks of theassessment due date. All otherLeadership & Diversity, Assessment No.1 v1.1 Last updated on 11/06/2019 by MMPage2
T-1.8.1_v3feedback will be provided bythe end of the term.Should you not answer thequestions correctly, you will begiven feedback on the resultsand your gaps in knowledge.You will be given anotheropportunity to demonstrateyour knowledge and skills to bedeemed competent for this unitof competency.If you are not sure about anyaspects of this assessment,please ask for clarification fromyour assessor.Please refer to the College re-assessment for moreinformation (StudentHandbook).Leadership & Diversity, Assessment No.1 v1.1 Last updated on 11/06/2019 by MMPage3
T-1.8.1_v3ASSESSMENT BRIEF & INSTRUCTIONSThis assessment comprises theknowledge testing required for the units BSBLDR502 andBSBLDR504. You are required to complete this Assessment 1 before attempting the Assessment 2.The assessment includes 5knowledgequestionsand you must ANSWER ALL. Use the spaces belowto respond to the questions. Weights and marking allocations are in the marking allocating table.This assessment has been established with the aim to measure your knowledge, and attributes inleading effective workplace relationships and as well as implementing diversity in the workplace.Through this assessment you are required to provide evidence of your understanding in regards tosystems, policies and procedures that supports effective work relationships and workplace diversity.In addition you will also outline relevant legislations in managing workplace relationships andworkplace diversity. The other areas you will also be assessed in this assessment includes barriers todiverse workforce, behaviours that support diversity and as well as the origin and nature of diversitywithin workplace.Question 1.Research within the Australian workplace context and outline at least TWOworkplace relevant legislations that are essential for managing effective workplacerelationships. For the fourth column of the table, you could think of workplace issues such asemployment, discriminations, privacy, equal opportunity, etc.(4 marks)Legislationname and yearLegislation InternetaddressPurpose of thelegislationOutline how any Australianworkplace is affected by thislegislationWorkercompensationact 1987<>The main purpose ofthis act is to providecompensation toemployees in effectivemanner at against oftheir injuries atworkplace. This will beeffective and valuablein work relatedcontext. This helpemployees attracttowards company.Worker compensation act isact which is help to employeein order to take advantage oftheir medical bills and leaves.This act is provide for thecompensation to employees inrespect to work relatedinjuries. This legislation is giveimpact on workplace innegative and positive ways.For example: if employee isinjured at organisation at thetime of working(Fraser, 2018).In this case employer ofcompany have to paycompensation against of theirinjuries as per medical bills byauthorised hospital. Ifemployer is not give thiscompensation to employeethen it impacts to workplacebecause in this employee canfill complain at respecteddepartment against ofcompany. By this companyface various problems. As perdiscussionworkersLeadership & Diversity, Assessment No.1 v1.1 Last updated on 11/06/2019 by MMPage4
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