Deterministic Effects of Acute or Chronic Nature

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Radiography Case Study1Radiography case studyStudent's Name:Instructor's Name:Date:
Radiography Case Study2Radiography case studyCase study 1:Several interventions in dentistry are guided by fluoroscopic instrumentation andequipment1. Radiological dentistry interventions are some of the most commonly usedprocedures in the recent times. Additionally, they have several benefits in the solution to thedisease condition. However, they are known to cause alarming concerns in terms ofdeterministic effects of acute or chronic nature in the patient due to exposure to harmfulradiation.1. Detail to the patient the reason why you provide the lead apron with a thyroid collarfor her to use during radiation exposure.I shall inform the patient that the leaded apron is essential for her to reduce exposureof ionizing radiation to vital organs of the body. It just not only protects the organ, but alsoreduces the total body dose of exposure. In addition, I will explain to the patient that thyroidcollar has been provided along with lead apron as the thyroid may be exposed to radiationeven after wearing lead apron. It provides protection to all areas at risk in the front and back.The need for using thyroid collar during radiation exposure has also become a necessitybecause of the increased in rate of thyroid cancer. Thyroid is the main site that is at risk ofradiation induced cancer in patient and as x-rays is mostly performed during diagnostictesting, protecting the thyroid gland is a strategy to reduce thyroid cancer risk. The RadiationProtection guideline also recommends providing thyroid shielding to patient when thyroid is1Aerab-Sheibani, H., Safi, M., Namazi, M.H., et al. (2014). Radiation safetyawareness and practice among Iranian cardiology and radiology residents/fellows.Anadolu KardiyolDerg, 14, 310–1
Radiography Case Study3in line with the primary beam of the x-rays. It significantly reduces radiation dose during x-ray examination2.Thyroid collar is an effective protective device to reduce all forms of riskand her that the leaded apron provides protection for the gonads, whilst the collar for thethyroid is essential as the organs that have to be particularly offered protection include thethyroid, gonads, and breast. I shall explain to the patient that radiation interventions caninduce stochastic effects such as cancer and genetic mutations, or even impairment in fertilityand cataract as deterministic effects if the apron is not used. However, I will explain to herthat the radiographic intervention provides extensive support in her treatment and with theprecaution of wearing the apron and collar, it is possible to avoid the adverse effects ofradiation along with obtaining the complete advantage of the intervention3. The patient has tobe told that the calculated risk to benefit ratio in her case indicates that the benefits are higherthan the risk involved. Additionally, the hospital is certified to undertake the radiographicintervention owing to the appropriate equipment used. She needs to be informed that thelimitation of the dosage is determined according to her specific condition and case. In adultsand children, it is essential to provide thyroid collar and leaded apron. The primary reason forthis is that the thyroid gland and the gonads have the highest sensitivity to the risk ofdevelopment of tumours of both malignant or benign nature.2. Explain to the patient why you and the operator leave the room for every patientduring the exposure of radiation.2Sinnott, Bridget, Elaine Ron, and Arthur B. Schneider. "Exposing the thyroid to radiation: areview of its current extent, risks, and implications."Endocrine reviews31, no. 5 (2010):756-773.3Safi, M., Aera-Sheibani, H., Namazi, M.H., Vakili, H., & Saadat, H. (2014).Academic training in radiation safety awareness and practice among Iranian residents/fellows. Heart Asia, 6(1), 137–141.

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