Develop and Manage Quality Customer Service Essay

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Develop and managequality customer servicepractices
In this modern era, it is essential for corporate associations to develop as well as managethe quality of customer services so as to gain high competitive advantage. In this relation,effective customer services should be developed in different areas, like- sales, production andfinancial so as to meet firm's standards (Talib, Rahman and Qureshi, 2011).The customer service policy of the firm can be applied when a customer buys somethingdirect. In this, firm will offered additional rights to people as they can check details of thecompany on its help page. Apart from this, product recall is also a good customer service policy.It refers keep up to date regrading safety issues and product defects of items which have beensold by company direct.These are some policies that can be adapt by a company for improving its customerservice, like -Understand customersBe the first to meet their needs and demandsAct responsibly towards local communities or societies.Apart from this, it is essential for managers to regularly evaluate the customers servicesby taking feedbacks and reviews from customers (Baird, Jia Hu and Reeve, 2011). Managementcan also conduct a market research in order to know needs and wants of people and thendelivering them products accordingly. It would be assistive in improving the customersatisfaction level then will willing to purchase products from specific brand. Effective customerservices are also helpful in increasing sales and profitability of the firm. On the other hand, inorder to measure the customer services, managers also have to determine internal and externalchanges and their effect on service industry.Below describe are several methods to analyse the quality of customer service practices, such as-Examination of customer services policies and practicesStaff involvement in development of CSP.Taking feedbacks and reviews from customers.Sometimes, due to some external reasons there is increased the chances of failures ofcustomer service policies. In this sense, firms have to analyse different issues like customerscomplaints, conflicts with management, suppliers problems etc. and then make proper solutionsfor such problems (Kim, Kumar and Kumar, 2012). Management also have to review theircustomer service policies and procedures by conducting loyalty programmes, monitor product
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