Develop and Manage Quality Customer Service Practices Report

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Running head: DEVELOP AND MANAGE QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICEPRACTICESDevelop and Manage quality customer service practicesName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1DEVELOP AND MANAGE QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE PRACTICESAnswer 1:Mr. and Mrs. Jones were celebrating their fifth anniversary and they had greatplans on that day. Due to some miscommunication among the hotel staffs, theirevening was ruined. Customers have certain expectations, when visiting anestablishment. It was an important evening for the couple. As the mistake was fromthe restaurant’s side, it was their duty to arrange something better and special forthem, in order to compensate. Customers must be treated well so that they go backto the establishment again and again. Firstly, the couple should have been greetedwith a warm welcome. They expected a better place to sit; therefore, keeping in mindthe importance of their evening, the staff members could have arranged a betterplace for them with special treatment.Customers love surprises; therefore the staff members should have givensome special discount or offer on the food they have ordered. Moreover, it was avery bad gesture of keeping them waiting. The employees should always take carethat none of their customers are waiting too long for their services. This creates anegative impact on the customers’ minds. It may happen that they will never visit thatplace again. The services must be fast and satisfactory. If any diner orderssomething which takes longer to cook, the staffs must let them know beforehand.Being informative and forthcoming will help the employees save their establishment’sreputation (Goetsch and Davis 2014).If any mistake occurs, that must be fixed immediately. Delivering excellentservices to the customers also includes dealing with their complains and problemsvery effectively. Supposedly, a customer’s order is misplaced; the staff membersmust apologize for such situation and refund their money or replace their food. In
2DEVELOP AND MANAGE QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE PRACTICESaddition to this, the employees must own their mistake and apologize to thecustomers. Fancy restaurants value their customer’s feedback. Therefore, commentcards must be given to each and every diner, to let them feel that their opinion isvaluable. Whenever any customer is not happy with the service, the employee mustattend him/her personally, knowing in which area the establishment needsimprovement.Developing and managing customer relationships are very important as itworks as an energizer among the staff members. Moreover, it benefits theestablishment to a huge extent. Customers have several expectations and demands.Therefore, it is the duty of the employees to treat them, in accordance with theirdesires. The employees must be able to understand the behavior of the customerswell. Once the customers are happy, they will recommend and share theirexperiences with their family or friends. Thus, it will prove advantageous for thecompany (Kim, Kumar and Kumar 2012).Answer 2:The customers who receive unsatisfactory services prove to bedisadvantageous for the business life. In the era of digital media, one can easily postand upload their comments on terrible services, which may malign the reputation orimage of the establishment. There are various brands which have gone down onlybecause of low customer services. Angry customers can cause severe damage tothe company’s reputation. Moreover, it also hampers customer employeerelationship. Bad services can cause loss of profitability. Firstly, the reputation of theestablishment gets marred and secondly, the company starts facing huge losses.Once an establishment lose its brand image, it is very difficult to get it back.
3DEVELOP AND MANAGE QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE PRACTICESPromotional activities or marketing may also not save the business fromdrowning. If the issues are not addressed properly, the business will face severeissues. Bad customer services will not only affect the business, but also result inlosing of the best employees. At times, when any establishment faces consumerrelated issue, due to bad employee behavior, the best employees leave theorganization. This leads to severe crisis for the organization, as they rely on theirbest employees for best services. When the organization start losing its reputation,the best employees tend to change their track and search for better opportunities(Alexander 2013).Bad customer services can destroy an establishment’s lifetime value. Theorganization may also have to spend huge for promotional activities, in order toregain its reputation. At times, the results may not be satisfactory. There is a chanceof losing everything. Poor services not only impact the current customers but alsothe future ones. It will result in losing most of the customers. Inferior service levelsmay cost the business and create a negative impact among the minds of thecustomers. Moreover, this will also result in the loss of potential customers. This isbecause the customers, who face bad services or treatment, have a tendency toshare their worst experiences with their friends or family. This in turn, will result insomething severe and loss of future customers.If something happens like that to any establishment, the first and foremost jobis to hire a public relations practitioner. He/she will help the organization regain itsreputation, by suggesting new and innovative strategies. In addition to that,employees must be trained and groomed on a regular basis, in order to serve theircustomers well. Employees are the basis of any organization; therefore, it isimportant to monitor their moves. If any employee is not performing up to the mark,
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