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Assessment 2- Case StudyAssessment Type:Case StudyOther: Assessor’s Name:Assessment Conditions:Each assessment criteria is recorded as either Satisfactory (S) or Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS). A student can only achieve a ‘Satisfactory’ Assessment Outcome for the entire assessment when all assessment Criteria listed below are ‘Satisfactory’. A student who is assessed as ‘Not Yet Satisfactory’ is eligible for re-assessment with their trainer.All assessment answers must be typed, include this assessment cover sheet and uploaded in ‘WORD’ version to moodle. AssessmentCriteriaElementPerformance CriteriaSNYS1. Develop operational plan1.1 Research, analyse and document resource requirements and develop an operational plan in consultation with relevant personnel, colleagues and specialist resource managers1.2 Develop and/or implement consultation processes as an integral part of the operational planning process1.3 Ensure the operational plan includes key performance indicators to measure organisational performance1.4 Develop and implement contingency plans for the operational plan1.5 Ensure the development and presentation of proposals for resource requirements is supported by a variety of information sources and seek specialist advice as required2. Plan and manage resource acquisition2.1 Develop and implement strategies to ensure that employees are recruited and/or inducted within the organisation’s human resources management policies, practices and procedures3. Monitor and review operational performance3.1 Develop, monitor and review performance systems and processes to assess progress in achieving profit and productivity plans and targets3.3 Identify areas of under-performance, recommend solutions and take prompt actionto rectify the situation3.4 Plan and implement systems to ensure that mentoring and coaching are provided to support individuals and teams to effectively, economically and safely use resources3.5 Negotiate recommendations for variations to operational plans and gain approval from designated persons/groups3.6 Develop and implement systems to ensure that procedures and records associated with documenting performance are managed in accordance with organisational requirementsInstructions: There are 6 Tasks in this assessment that are assigned on a weekly basis. Activates include case study, simulation exercises and direct questioning. You are allowed to use internet, newspapers, textbooks or other resources in completing this assessment. This isan individual assessment and you must complete the tasks in class.Week 1 and Week 2
Assessment 2- Case StudyTask 1: Develop operational plan (15 marks)Your academic institute (use imaginary institute or ACA) has decided on a recruitment drive to hire 5 “Campus Managers” for the five campuses in five States. As a HR manager, you job is to choose the right individuals for this position. Based on the sample operational plan information and further web research, create an operational plan for this recruitment drive. Follow the steps as structured. Sample Operational Plan to review as a reference: 1: Research “Job Description” (Task, Duties and Responsibilities) for this position by searching similar positions in the internet and choose six important duties & responsibilities that requires consultation and advice with other senior and junior level positions in the organisation. Step 2: Simultaneously, identify the resources (i.e. Physical, Human and financial) requirement to make this position efficient and effectiveStep one and two are to be completed in the following table.Job duties & responsibilitiesConsultation with whomRequired ResourcesManagement and Administrative Tasks (to organise the staff induction day, able to create workable solutions to the daily problems, to attend the campus manager weekend's induction,to set up and manage PLUS summer camps and other activities regarding tothe management in the campus)The whole consultation to these duties and responsibilities will be to thehead office of the ACA and to our administrative department. Operational resources, Financial resources and othersWelfare ( To act as a safeguarding person, to help student to adjust as according to the life in Australia and concerning heir personal safety, to maintain student's cultural, religious and other dietary needs, to maintain student's discipline, for the collection offeedbacks and implement the progressive changes & others)For to organise this welfare activity it is required to do liaising with the management team and Group Leaders. Resources such as students guidance tools, feedback taking sources and other Accommodation (to ensure accurate occupation list, to build a community spirit in the houses, to update notice boards and other rules. )To the inventory control department and to the administration department Notice boards, motivationalactivities and other information providing resources Mediation and Policy Interpretation (To implement policies and ensure thatstaff will follow the protocols, to interpret the rules and recommend a suitable action course)The reporting of all these tasks will be to the Human Resource Department.Tools which will analyse the work-process and conduction of other activities which will motivate staff to work with more potential
Assessment 2- Case StudyStaffing, Community connections and PaperworkThe reporting of these successive activities will be to the Administration and Back office department Upgraded techniques and technologyCoordination with all the other departments in a Campus.The responsibilities require consultation with all the other potential departments in a Campus. Proper Communication skills and resources Step 3: Use the similar Job responsibilities information; pick the action verb to formulate Key Performance Indicators (KPI).Job dutiesKPIManagement and Administrative Tasks Standardising High performance and functionality of the college building and providing satisfaction with the services to the StakeholdersWelfareHealth and safety compliance at the workplace AccommodationHigh performance to built coherent operational management in particular approved limits of the budgetsMediation and Policy InterpretationWorking to manage the compliance with the State, local and the Federal government legislationStaffing, Community connections and PaperworkLeadership of High performing staff teams and their coordination to complete legal and paper work in the campus Coordination with all the other departments in a CampusReporting the Strategic Assets planning and the committee management with all the other departments.Step 4: From the above SIX KPI, choose any TWO important KPIs that links to the organisational operation. PrioritisationKPIResources required toimplement KPIRole responsiblefor monitoring(1) Management and Administrative Tasks Standardising High performance and functionality of the college building and providing satisfaction with the services to the StakeholdersProper development techniques and skills for the progressive managementThe succession of the whole process is done by the headof Administration department and by the head office Department. (2)Coordination with all the other Reporting the Strategic Assets planning and the committee management with all the other departments.Transparent ways for the communication and which will assist in maintenance of With the help of relationship management department and
Assessment 2- Case Studydepartments in a Campuscoordination with other departments proper communication andcoordinating workers.Step 5: Write a letter to you subordinate/assistant to prepare a job advertisement and organise a meeting for the new recruitment drive. for sample letter formats. Mr. XYZACAAustraliaDear, XYZ This letter is to inform you that the college is organising a recruiting process for the vacancy of five Campus Managers, In context to this you are required to prepare a job advertisement which consist about the detail and requirement for the recruitment. The Job Applicant must have skills and able to successfully perform duties and responsibilities such as Administration task management, accommodation, welfare of the college, Mediation and Policy Interpretation Staffing, Community connections and Paperwork, Coordination with all the other departments in a Campus and the other responsibilities of the campus manager. Best RegardsXYZHR Manager ACA

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