Develop Personal Leadership Model Essay

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Develop Personal LeadershipModel
Leadership aids in influencing individual and provides them correct direction for growthand development. With assistance of this, an individual can go to the right way with consistency.It is essential to create personal leadership model as it provides growth as well as success incareer. According to Chesnut and Tran-Johnson, (2013) it is a desire to establish specificdirection which provide development of individuals. Thus, an individual can go to the rightdirection and provide best and effective outcomes. Fundamental aim of this essay is to defineleadership model. Along with this, there are various traits and skills which are possessed by aleader that will be mentioned in this essay. It is essential for people to respect everyone's culture. Tesco is following hierarchical structure in their business. Additionally, they followparticipative leadership which help them in their development. In every company, leaders arerequired in every department as their duty is to lead team. Thus, they do their work within anappropriate time frame and along with this, achieve desired goals and targets.Leadership theories can be divided into many parts such as participative, behavioural aswell as contingency. As per participative theory, every employee can take part in the decisionmaking procedure. Another name of it is Democratic. This theory is utilized by many firms as itis the most appropriate method which helps to improve productivity of enterprise. Contributionof staff members will improve their learning. Along with this, they do their work moreeffectively and efficiently. As per the behavioural theory, any person can be a leader because as per the same,leadership can be learned by them. It can easily develop in an individual and give growth to theircareer. With assistance of this, people can learn through observation. Hence, if I want to enhancemy leadership skills; then I can adopt it (Smith and et. al., 2012).According to contingency theory, there is no appropriate way to design framework for theorganisation. This hypothesis will be effective in some circumstances, but not in all. Effect ofthis theory can be positive but not every time. However, if there is an emergency in the firm,then this theory is best as per the situation and thus, can be used. Hence, if I want to handleuncertain cases then it will be the best suitable.1

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