Assignment on Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations (Solved)

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Developing Individual, Teamsand Organisations
INTRODUCTIONDeveloping team, individual and enterprise termed out as process of specific activitiesthat needs to be present within person, team and company (Creamer, and Austin, 2017).Therefore, developing employees can be defined as accelerating the performance capacity of theenterprise. Thus, many entities view performance development as solution to a specific issue, toimprove job performance and to fix up the unproductive behaviour with help of identifying skillsand knowledge within an individual.The present report is based on HR professional skills and knowledge in context ofHightown House, this is a charitable association. Henceforth, report will cover activities as tooutline the knowledge, skills and behaviour of HR professionals to analyse the professionaldevelopment within individuals.On the other hand, various components will be analysed to implement and evaluateinclusive learning and better development facilities to undertake sustainable businessperformance. Lastly, report will evaluate performance management, collaborative working andeffective communication practices that supports high performance culture and commitment.SECTION 1a. Description on appropriate knowledge, skills and attributes requires to carry out the role as HRadvisor.Human resource professionals are termed out as to be backbone to the enterprise. Theyplay their role as to recruit, select, hire and provide training facilities to individuals to carry outday to day task (Dowling and, 2018). Thus, Human resource manager must be effectivelyskilled, professional and knowledgable person to undertake business activities efficiently.Human resource of an enterprise must be proper in communication, framing policies andeffective manage team skills to undertake each activities smoothly. Thus, knowledge, skill andbehaviour of an individual termed out in the following context as-HR knowledge-Human resource manager of an enterprise must have knowledge in aspect of policies,benefits and procedures of the enterprise. Thus, effective knowledge of HR aids to promotescollaboratively processes for creation, capture, access and use of information assets effectively.The HR role of management is to generate, disseminate and maintain all information in
organisational aspect to meet out the all desired goals. I must say that to be a HR an individualmust have knowledge about the policies and procedure of an enterprise. He must have idea aboutto assist and support business to undertake practices as to manage team, restructure andredundancies to ensure staff performance effectively (Hecklau and, 2016).Henceforth, HR must be competent in terms to technological advancement, to buildcollaborative culture and to maintain transparency within organisation. With help of gathering,organizing and sharing tacit knowledge with right tools assist individuals to carry establish moremeaningful relationship. HR must share his knowledge with employees, I have analysed that lackof transparency often leads to gap in the employee knowledge.HR skills-Human resource is defined as an individual who takes the responsibility for theworkforce and conduct their business activities with the use of the right kind of skills.Henceforth, activities of the enterprise must be empowered and manager must return the qualityfor the entire workforce. Additionally, human resource professional must have following skillsas-Communication-It is crucial skill as this defined as essence to management. I must say,effective communication leads to build positive working environment. Thus, goodcommunication skill aids to conduct interview, give presentation and leads to conflictresolution (Ming and, 2018). Being good communicator leads to undertake thebusiness activities effectively.Conflict management-Employee in Human resource solve variety of the skills. I mustsay HR must be an individual who sort out the issue within enterprise effectively. Thus,he must have empathy, team building and teamwork etc.Decision making-HR has to make lot of decision at the time of conductingorganisational activities. I must say that HR be critical thinkers and must have innovativeideas to undertake the organisational activities effectively.HR behaviour-The behaviour of human resource is based on number of behavioural components asnature of quality, willingness to perform work and effective understanding of the variouscompliance (Navimipour and, 2015). I must say, bing effective HR means to be honest andethical, stress tolerance, leadership, initiatives etc. Additionally, effective behaviour as self
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