Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations in Whirlpool : Assignment

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Developing Individuals,Teams and Organisations
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INTRODUCTIONIn today's business Era, human resources are the most essential part of the organisation asthey have the main responsibility of recruitment and selection of skilled workers on the vacantpost so that aims can be achieved in effective manner. Other main responsibilities are to allocatethe resources in rightful manner and maintain healthy relationship within organisation (Bolmanand Deal, 2017). Different tools and techniques which are available and can be adopted by theHR management team so that effectiveness which is expected by the higher authority can befulfilled. Company chosen for this assessment is Whirlpool which was established in 11thNovember, 1911 by Louis Upton. This company deals in small home appliances. In thisassignment, research report contains applying programmes of learning which will contributetowards engagement of employees in order to achieve high performance level and competitiveleader by working collaborative and communication.TASK 1P1 Knowledge. Skills and Behaviour of HR professionalsThere are certain characteristics which enables HR management to strike a balancebetween being professional and yet being approachable as they have main duty towardssupporting the whole workforce and certain skills are:Expertise:HR function is sorted fundamental but yet it is difficult to process as they aremainly dependent on the knowledge of generalist of HR disciplines like compensation,safety and risk management, employee relations, recruitment and selection and trainingand development.There are two different aspects in HR management of Whirlpoolwhich are management and process in which HR managers needs to be expert so that he\she can supervise HR team for effective follow of HR disciplines. Business mainly runson human resource department which needs expertise workers so that whenever asituation arise of conflicts it can be resolved(Chaskalson, 2011).
Communication:There is a basic but important requirement of having strongcommunication skills so that HR managers can interact with wide range of people,executives, staff, suppliers and internal staff so that pattern of effective communicationcan flow throughout organisation.Even there are certain situations in Whirlpool in whichHR has to act as representatives of the company to the outside world so confidence andeffective skills of communication should be present in order to make a positiveimpression. Another essential element which should be available listening becausesometimes there are particular situation in which they have to act as mediator of higherand lower division. Comments of the staff members regarding workplace should beconsidered seriously and respect the speeches of chief executives about organisationalstrategy .Compassion:In Whirpool, the least favoured task of an HR manager is to executeemployees but still it is need to be done with compassion in best possible way. Brevillefollows the footsteps of Whirlpool, so their HR manager's empathy is appreciated by theemployees who share the issue regarding their personal medical and thus wheneverrequired by the employees for leave it should be approved and moreover complaintsabout workplace harassment(Conboy and et. al., 2011).Integrity:It is an approach on which HR managers seeks up to their integration on equalemployment practices. There are some fundamental rules for the fair employmentpractises like no partiality and equal importance to everyone and it takes properunderstanding of employment along with labour laws to support compliance which helpsin regulating the workplace. Moreover, there is need to make strict confidentially and tomaintain that employment data, organisational strategy and company's vital data.Leadership:For understanding human behaviour, leadership skills must exhibit skillsof a leader.Managers of the department who are involved in recruitment and selectionshould recommendations for hiring workers and thus they can lead various departments.Like for example if the manager of Whirlpool who has engaged to training anddevelopment of the staff members and thus they can show other section's managers thatimproving set of skills can provide several advantages. Moreover, when it comes to therespect of employees, there is code of conduct made for it and thus HR managers have tomake sure that it should be followed in every corner of an organisation.
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