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Developing Personal and Management Skills1DEVELOPING PERSONAL AND MANAGEMENT SKILLSNameCourse:Professor’s NameInstitutionCityDate
Developing Personal and Management Skills2Executive SummaryThere are various skills required in the workplace so that a person may achieve the goals of theorganization. The skill of communication is very important in every organization. It is alsonecessary for an individual to develop the skills of solving problems. Supportive managementand leadership skills are also essential for every organization. There are leadership styles that arenecessary for every organization such as authoritarian style of leadership. The leader is supportedby his followers so that he may attain the objectives of the organization. A person should have aplan for his personal development so that he can manage his life. The SWOT analyses help aperson to discover her strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats that affect him. Ithelps a person to know where he needs to improve and where he is doing well. The skills audithelps the individual to analyze the skills that he has acquired in the organization.Developing Personal and Management Skills
Developing Personal and Management Skills3One of the key transferable skills required in the workplace is the ability to communicate. Anindividual should know how to communicate freely with the others. One should also manage towork confidently within a group. The skill of solving problems is also important at theworkplace. The other skill is that of time management and also flexibility (Hannaway & Hunt,2005). The individual should be able to adapt to changes that arise while at work within theorganization. The other important skill is the leadership skill. The above skills are applied in theorganization to ensure that a person meets the goals of the organization (Dale, 2008). In themanagement context, the leadership skill is important as well as the others to ensure that theorganization is run in the right way.Supportive management and leadership skills are important in the running of the organization toensure that it meets its objectives. The use of authoritarian leadership would require supportivemanagement and the necessary leadership skills to ensure that the people being led follow thedirections that they are required to follow(Parker & Stone, 2002). A leader should have thesupport of his follows and have the right skills of leadership that he would use in his line of duty.The leader needs to be supported by even the staff to ensure that he carries out his duties in theright manner(Routledge et al, 2007). Leadership skills are required to direct the workforce to dowhat is required of them. The employees need a leader who will give them instructions on whatthey should do.As an employee, I also have my own management and leadership skills that guide me intoperforming my duties in the right manner. For instance, I can instruct others, I can solve anyproblem that emerges within the organization, and am also authoritative. I have the skills ofworking with people from various origins and gender and at the same time produce the desiredresults. A good leader should be in a position to relate with people from different backgroundsand still work with them so that he may help them produce the best in them(Griffin & Van,
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