Skills, Behaviour and Knowledge of HR of Sainsbury : Report

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Developing Teams, Individualsand Organisation
INTRODUCTIONA company is build from individuals who perform ion a team in order to achieve thegoals that have been set altogether. The team and individual performance influence theaccomplishments of outcome of a company in a negative or positive way. The HR organisevarious programs including training and development for managing those performance which ismeasured through the management help (). The purpose of this report is to analyse requiredskills, behaviour and knowledge of HR of Sainsburry which is one leading retailing organisationof United Kingdom. This report will analyse various aspects of learning styles, concepts as wellas HPW role in achieving competitive advantages. P1. Professional knowledge, skills and behaviours required by HR professionalsThe manager of human resource avail a person in developing through suggesting,evaluating and advising them in regard of organisational policies. An individual need to havefew specific skills and abilities for being eligible for the post or job of HR in a large organisationlike Sainburry. The roles and duties of HR is wider as they are responsible for coordinatingvarious activities such as increasing the performance, managing diversity and equality, healthand safety of worker and negotiation of organisation policies. They should be eligible forachieving the Job criteria. a)Required Knowledge for HRPersonnel and HRM managementThe HR should be aware of the administration process, training, selection, recruitmentand other linked information to this filed. Psychology and ManagementShould understand the interest and expectation of human behaviour and should be able tomanage strategy, plans, allocation of resource and methods of leadership etc.Consumer Services and Personal ManagementThe HR should know the techniques of solving issues and affairs related to clientsincluding satisfaction of consumer and customer requirements etc.Laws and GovernmentThe Individual should have knowledge of laws of business and workers which needed tohandle more carefully and according which the activities is organised.1
Education, Clerical and TrainingInformation of file documentation, recording and training, principles, and elementsknowledge, learning and lessoning individuals as well as teams etc.Sociology and AnthropologyKnowledge of team behaviours and dynamics , human migration, ethnicity and cultureand regional origins. b)HR SkillsEffective Listener and SpeakerHuman resource manager should a good listener in order to consider the issues anddisputes related to their employee as well as an effective speaker to convey the message oforganisation more effectively and impressively. Role ModelHuman resource manager lead the entire groups of worker or employee like a role modelthrough supporting them and by giving them examples such as independence, integrity,impartiality, balancing teams, individuals and parameters of laws and legislation.CollaborativeThey must be able in managing relation with organisation and workers as well as performinternal and external environment of company like Sainsburry. c)Behaviour of Human Resource ManagerDecisive PersonalityThe individual of the post of human resource manager should be decisive personality inorder to make decision instantly and interrupt the situation.Credible PersonalityHR should be able to create and present the professionalism trough relating specialisationof HRM and commercial to cater value of activities in organisation, stakeholders and peers.Negotiable and CuriousThe human resource manager should be able to carry individuals together and reconcilethem for better workplace, inquisitive personality, better opinions. They seek for creative ideasthat can suit in the environment of Sainsburry and its policies. 2

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