An Introduction to Child Development

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Running head: Development of Children 1Cognitive development
Development of Children2OverviewThis assignment will reflect the theories and evidence related to the experience, learning anddevelopment of child in the school. The contribution of the cognitive development will bedescribed with evaluating the ways by which the educational experiences and achievement ofchildren can get impacted through the involvement of parents.The role of environmental andbiological factors is huge in the cognitive development of the children as they help them to attainvarious stimuli from environment through their sense. There are various theories of parentingstyles which help to understand the role of cognitive development. It has been evaluated that thecompetition is increased and the parents are more concerned about the study and thedevelopment of their children (Lauricella, Wartella and Rideout, 2015).Contributing the cognitive developmentThere are various factors that contribute to cognitive development such as environmental factors,and biological factors. Environmental factors include learning opportunities, economic status,play and family and society while biological factors include sense organs, heredity, maturationand intelligence. The opportunity a child gets to learn affects the cognitive development. In thecontext of biological factors, the cognitive development can be increased with intelligencebecause without of this child would not be able to attain stimuli from the environment properly.The role of heredity is major in cognitive development of children as they get same developmentas their parents. Environmental factors refer the importance of play, family and society in thecognitive development of the child. With the help of play, the interaction of child is increasedtowards the environment and attains various stimuli.The theory of cognitive development ispiaget’s theory, socio culture theory, core knowledge theories and information processing
Cognitive Development3theories. The piaget’s theory describes that there are distinct stages of cognitive developmentsuch as qualitative change, broad applicability, brief transition and invariant sequence. Piagettheory is able to describe the structure of development of human thought. As consequences, itdevelops the motivation that it could direct education to generate new methods of teaching(Demetriou, Shayer and Efklides, 2016). It has been said that under this theory children ofdifferent ages think in different ways According to his theory child as scientist make their ownknowledge without involving anyone. Children are intrinsically motivated they do not requireany motivation or rewards to learn new things (Hurley, 2011). The role of parents in theirchildren’s learning is important because their daily activities, way of talking and understandinginfluence them. The involvement of parents in the study of their children at home is vital. It hasbeen researched that creating effectual partnerships between families, schools and parent tosupport learning of children leads to efficient learning outcomes. Parents are considered as thefirst educators of learning leads to improved learning results. Research shows that the quality ofteacher is essential for helping effective parental engagement (Chapman and Adams, 2002).Child’s educational experiences and achievementThere are various ways in which parents can influence the learning experience of the children. Ithas been analyzed that the involvement of the parent is considered as the avenue for promotingacademic performance. It has been found that the low educational achievement and furtherprospects of looked after children have become the concern of international issue (Mannay,Staples, Hallett, Roberts, Rees, Evans, and Andrews, 2015). The involvement of parent increasesthe behaviour of children at home and in the classroom. The role of parents and teachers is vitalas they work together to increase the social functioning and define concerns behaviour. There aretwo kinds of parents such as highly educated parents and better educated parents. Effective
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