Human Resource Management in Sun Court Ltd : Report

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INTRODUCTIONHuman Resource management is regarded as the most important aspect of theorganisation as that aids in managing all the business aspects in appropriate manner. Withthe help of human resource management, all the organizations conduct their businessactivities and similarly it also enhances the opportunities of growth and success aspects(Nickson, 2013). The present research study has been made on Sun Court Ltd which is ahealth care firm and which delivers appropriate services to people so that they canmanage their health aspects. This can also aid in increasing the health standards of thenation.Thus, in this respect discussion has been included regarding different learningstyles and along with the same, researcher has also discussed the role of learning curveand its importance in the workplace. Furthermore, researcher has also discussed the roleof government in training, development and lifelong learning. At the same time,researcher has also mentioned the need of training for different staff members at SunCourt Ltd. Along with this; researcher has also discussed advantages disadvantages ofdifferent training methods that are being used in Sun Court Ltd. Moreover, discussion hasbeen included regarding the development of competency movement on public and privatesector.TASK11.1 Compare different learning stylesLearning styles are useful for the employees as that aids them to enhance theircapability level and at the same time, this aids them to get more opportunities for betterwork and success aspects. There are several learning styles that can be implemented atSun Court Ltd so that this can maximize employee’s capabilities and performance aspects(Pierre, 2016). Most often employees prefer to learn through visual and verbal learningtechniques; hence this could also be applied at Sun Court Ltd for the purpose ofenhancing their learning aspects. Thus, to train the employees in appropriate manner, it iscrucial for Sun Court Ltd to conduct diverse training sessions in which employee
efficiency could be enhanced through adopting verbal learning style (Knowles, Holtonand Swanson, 2014).Furthermore, the employees of Sun Court Ltd could also learn from visuallearning style in which they can acquire knowledge from visual techniques. At the sametime, employees can also adopt verbal learning style wherein learning could beencouraged through listening to others. At the same time, learning can also be enhancedthrough adopting Honey and Mumford style which has four different criteria such asActivist, Pragmatist, Theorists and Reflector (Gatewood, Field and Barrick, 2015).Hence, accordingly, employees can also learn from theorists which are those learnerswho like to understand the theory behind the actions. They need models, concepts andfacts in order to engage in the learning process. Thus, as per the technique, open endedapproach to learning is required to be adopted so that employees can learn whatever isbest for them. This enhances the learning experience of employees.1.2 Explain the role of learning curve and its importance of transferring learning to theworkplaceLearning curve is essential for the employees of Sun Court Ltd as that depicts thelearning ability and on the basis they are provided different training and coaching.Learning curve helps learners to identify the level of learning and the areas whereimprovements are required. Learning curve plays crucial role in ascertaining knowledgeand understanding level of individual and hence on that basis, improvements can bestated. Employees are essential to focus upon learning curve as through that, they cananalyze their own capabilities and competencies (Hakansson, 2015). This is also crucialfor the purpose of enhancing organizational capability and performance level of SunCourt Ltd. Learning curve also depicts how the employees are improving theirperformance level; hence according to that, rewards and recognition can be provided tothem on appropriate manner.Apart from this, transferring learning at the workplace is vital since through thatcompetency facets of the business entity could be amended. There are several methodsthrough which employee’s learning level could be enhanced (Budhwar and Debrah,2013). Relating it to organizational context, it can be said that Sun Court Ltd needs to
arrange the sessions for employees so that they can find the ways to transform learning atthe workplace. Carrying out the same thing will assist Sun Court Ltd in many ways suchas it can give the opportunity to the employees to enhance the level of employeeinteraction. Employee interaction is essential as that aids in minimizing all thecomplexities that prevails in organizational work practices. Transferring learning atworkplace is vital as that raise the standard and success of the work aspects andorganization as well.1.3 Assess the contribution of learning styles and theories when planning and designing alearning eventAt the time of planning and designing a learning event, it is essential for SunCourt Ltd to select specific learning style so that capability and efficacy of the workforcecould be developed. Learning style contributes a lot in developing organizational aspectsand this also aids the employees to amend the productivity aspects. For instance – beforeplanning for a training session, it is vital for Sun Court Ltd to ascertain which methodcould be used to train and educate the employees (Brewster, Mayrhofer and Morley,2016). This is also mandatory for the purpose of showcasing concern of the organizationtowards employee welfare and development. As per the type of session, learning styleshould be determined and this is also essential for persuading the workforce towardstraining and learning sessions. Thus, training manager of Sun Court Ltd is required toemphasize on all such dimensions.Therefore, it can be said that trainers should always encourage the employees toattend learning event as this is beneficial from development point of view. At the sametime, it can also be said that learning theories and styles should be determined suitably sothat it can maximize organizational development and at the same time, employees will beable to get recognition as per the work done by them (Alfes, Shantz, Truss and Soane,2013). There must be proper scheduling of all the activities so that learners canemphasize on continuous learning and this can also aid in reaching towardsorganizational aim and objective. At the same time, it can be said that personal andprofessional goals of the employees could be attained through emphasizing on continuousand lifelong learning.
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