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Running head: Deviance and Social ControlDEVIANCE AND SOCIAL CONTROL

Deviance and Social Control1Deviance and Social ControlMost of the people had stolen things when they were the child or even adult also. The child does it because he is not aware of crime until their adults or parents not tell them. And the adult also not steel thing unless there is no other way left for them. Mostly steeling of thing is done by the people from the poor background and they also steel things when they have no other option left for them to survive.This we can understand the theory of deviance and crime, deviance is the making harms to the rules, whereas crime is defined as harming one exact type of rules, a law (Inderbitzin et al., 2016). There are two theories related to the study, first is Biological Theories and second is sociological theories; According to the Biological theory, there is trust that criminals are physiologically dissimilar to noncriminal. The reason for such crime is biological inferiority. From this, we can see that this steeling habit comes with ecology, heredity and the connection for any truthful thought of crime connection. This theory tells that, this steeling of things influenced by the genetics. This tells thatperson who steels things is only because of his disturbed mental level, and reason is of poor condition of the family.According to the Sociology theory, it highlights that human beings live in the societal group and that groups and the people around them they influence them to do so. The strain is also a reason for people to indulge them in criminal activities. When people are depressed from themselves because of the many problems faced by them, related to the money. From bringing them out from depression, they decide to do criminal activities. The social environment also influences them to do so (Taylor et al., 2013).

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