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DEXUS PROPERTIES GROUP2Part 1:Business operations:The company undertaken fore review is the Dexus property group which is an Australian Real EstateInvestment Trust which invests, develops, manages and trades the Australian office and also theindustrial property. The company owns a diversified portfolio which mainly consist of central businessdistrict offices which are held for longer term and are also leased (Are, 2017).Investments and investment activities:The following are the investment activities included:Capital expenditure on fixed assetsCapital expenditure on other assetsNet assets from acquisitionsSale of the fixed assets and businessesPurchase and sale from investmentsSale and maturity of investments (Are, 2017).The following are the financing activities of the company:Cash dividends on common equity shares and preferred sharesChange in the capital stockRepurchase of the common and preferred stockSale of common and preferred stock
DEXUS PROPERTIES GROUP3Proceeds from stock optionsOther proceeds from sale of stockIssuance or repayment of debt (Market watch, 2017).Financial reporting practices: The company’s financial statements have bene prepared using the historical cost basis. But thederivative financial instruments, investments in the financial assets along with the defined benefitobligations have been prepared on the basis of the fair values. These statements have been preparedusing the applicable Australian Accounting standards including the interpretations of the country ofaustral and the Corporations Act 2001. These also comply with the International financial ReportingStandards and the interpretations as have been issued by the International Accounting StandardsBoard.Part 2:Industry size: The industry has the size of $43.8 billion which was recorded during august, 2002.Industry growth: The industry shows an equity growth of 87.50 % (SMH, 2017).

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