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Dey, A. & Abowd, G. Cite a Website - Cite This For Me. Retrieved from first paper represents the necessity of smart environment. It concludes that smartenvironment is required to provide effective services to occupants(, it can be said that it is necessary for every organization to identify their context anddetermine what actions need to take to satisfy the identified context. It can be said that goal ofthe smart environment not only supports the activities but also enhance the abilities of occupantsin performing different organizational tasks. Context is defined as information that is required toutilize a particular situation of an entity. Furthermore, it can be said that the most importantproblem faced by every organization is building and executing effective context-awareapplications. If the organization wants to resolve such problem, they can build applications onthe basis of ad-hoc manner.Bush, B., Dauelsberg, L., & Powell, D. (2005). Critical Infrastructure Protection DecisionSupport System (CIP/DSS) Project Overview. Retrieved from second paper represents the dynamics of couple separate infrastructure andindividual infrastructure as per their interdependencies( . On theother hand, it also defines the future and current cyber or physical threat environment. It can besaid that organization requires a comprehensive approach to measuring security risks and detectavailable vulnerabilities in its cyber infrastructure. Furthermore, it can be suggested that theorganizations should understand the investment options and consequences of policies before
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