Diabetes in Barnet Area in London

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Diabetes in Barnet Area in London

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PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL LEARNING1. Step 1: Providing a short description of the theme This topic of the report is a personal and professional learning about thedisease diabetes in Bernet the borough of Northern England. The report alsodeals with the demographical and physiological characteristics of therespective place. The report consists of the census of Barnet that is itspopulation, male female ratio, mortality morbidity rate, life expectancy. Thereport comprises of the social determinants that leads the disease calledDiabetes like poverty, anxiety, depression, and low self esteem, loss ofphysical activities, irregular diet and unhealthy lifestyle. The report alsocovers the area regarding the national and local policies regarding theprevention of the diseases. Public health provisions and its usefulnessregarding this issue are also described in this report.2. Step 2: Reflection Feelings:I feel sympathized after reading the contents of the report as, Diabetes can happen in anywhere with anyone and it is moredestructive than the so called popular diseases like cancer and stroke. The concern disease can be cured only by proper caretaking, a healthy lifestyle and food habits. Evaluation:The most important part of this report is the part that consists of the disease diabetes. Today, it is a serious threat to the mankindnext to any serious disease like cancer and cardiovascular disease. The report discussed the most certain causes of the disease.The information regarding to prevention of the diseases can be found from this topic. The policies, frameworks and healthprovisions are also discussed which is very much important regarding this disease. Analysis:This respective topic is very much relevant and useful for my study as, the report helps to learn different policies and methods regarding diabetes that can help in future venture. Different types of framework that helps the individual to build a proper lifestyle motivate and achieve the expected goals.3. Step 3: Reflection Conclusion:The report gives the picture of diabetes in Barnet area in London as it spreaded widely in that particular area. The reasons of thedisease consist of social, physical, mental and environmental factors like obesity, mental illness, ill behaviors. This fells impacton my attitude a lot as; many ill behaviors are also performed by me in course of life. The causes of this disease can help tocheck the ill lifestyle that I lead sometimes and the actions against it that can help to prevent the respective disease. Action plan:This study discloses a new horizon in my knowledge of the disease and the factors associated with it. I can use the knowledge inthe wellbeing of the human world as well in individual level. I am prepared to do something after getting this knowledge aboutdiabetes. This help to enrich my level of knowledge as well as to build a healthy life structure in order to achieve my goals infuture. The action plan consists of the policies and framework to prevent and control the disease by maintaining a proper foodhabits and healthy lifestyles.
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