Diabetes In A Multicultural, Diversity Community | Report

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Running head: DIABETES IN A MULTICULTURAL, DIVERSITY COMMUNITYDiabetes in a Multicultural, Diversity Community Student’s NameInstitution AffiliationDate of Submission
DIABETES IN A MULTICULTURAL, DIVERSITY COMMUNITY2Diabetes in a Multicultural, Diversity CommunityTo locate a peer-reviewed article about diabetes in a multicultural community, I limited my database search to only peer-reviewed journals. I used the Academic Search Complete database which allowed me to limit my search in such a manner, and there I found an article. It was titled, “Cultural barriers impeding minority groups from accessing effective diabetes care services: a systematic review of observational studies”. To determine whether it was peer-reviewed, I physically examined it by first identifying the most recent entire annual issues. I located the masthead of the publication which contained the publication details which confirmed that the article was peer-reviewed. The article was about identifying and exploring how cultural barriers can be a basis to improve diabetes care (Dreessen, Huybrechts, Gronvall& Hendriks, 2007). Many reports have shown that cultural barriers hinder some members of ethnic minority communities from accessing diabetes care services. The article identified some cultural issues that could serve as barriers namely: linguistic diversity, religious beliefs, poor health literacy levels, diverse beliefs concerning health and diseases, low accessibility of culturally accepted services and poor coordination with western professional advice. These issues compromise the diabetes care accorded to people from ethnic minority communities (Dreessen, Huybrechts, Gronvall& Hendriks, 2007). The article further recommends that more attention ought to be paid to the development of interventions that are more culturally competent so as to improve the access of health care and diabetic patient outcomes for members from diverse cultural minority communities (Peter, Harbinder, Marie and Sturt, 2013).

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