Diagnosis and Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Added on - 24 Apr 2021

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Reflection on feedbackThe clinical model of my choice was Rheumatoid arthritis. I selected this topic because I hadlittle knowledge about it and wanted to gain a better understanding since I have a close friendwho lives with this condition. I had to read the prescribed textbooks and educate myself onthe basics of RA then thereafter answered the questionnaire on my own. I also had to sit backand considered the people that I had selected for the interviews and see if they wereappropriate. I live in a small rural town, so I did not have a lot of people to consider as mycandidates, which was an advantage as it was going to paint a picture of the knowledge thesepeople had on RA.Answering the interview questions was the main choice of methodology directly related tothe quality of data that had to be presented in the pamphlet. Therefore, candidates wereapproached appropriately and critically noting their response was pivotal.It is important to note that all the questions in my questionnaire had been answered to the bestof the candidate’s ability. During this process, it was evident that I was not only collectingdata for my assignment but also educating them at the same time. The main points discussedin the pamphlet are the symptoms, causes, effects on life, people affected, diagnosis andtreatment.However, after distributing the draft pamphlet and then interviewing another set ofcandidates, a better response was received. Several changes were made to the pamphlet toattract attention. These changes include; font color, the addition of background colors andseparating the causes of RA from the opening statement which added more clarity to thepamphlet.
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