Difference between distributed memory machine and shared memory


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Difference between distributed memory machine and shared memory machineBoth are low-level programming abstractions. On one hand where multiple processing is allowedin the case of shared memory, it is not with the case of distributed memory. Also, in the former, multiple processes can share the same memory location. However, in the latter, explicit commands are required for the transfer of data from one another element. What is a fat-tree network? How does it differ from a mesh network?Fat-free network was brought in the picture by Charles E. Leiserson. There are hierarchies in thisnetwork and the branches are thicker at near to the top of the hierarchy. It is different from mesh network in the sense that it allows technology specific usage however the mesh network are based on rigid algorithm can be molded to specific technology requirement. Assuming that we have a program where we have two execution phases. One phase takes 1 time unit to execute and can only execute sequentially. The other phase takes 32 time units to execute sequentially but can be made parallel. What is the maximum speedup you can possibly achieve? Present your calculations.1/((1−P)+P/n))P is 96.9% as 32/33 is the total time.limn(1(10.969)+0.969/n)=10.031=32.25Here, 1/n is reaches to 0 as n reaches to infinity. You attack the phase which can be made parallel. You rewrite it and run on eight (8) processors. You notice that the execution time of your rewritten program is seven (7) time

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