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Coaching and Mentoring / Leadership and ManagementLeadership and ManagementLeadership and Management took as same content. But there are some differences can be seen between leadership and management. Leadership is an important part of management. It means the ability to influence someone's behaviour to achieve coal. Management consist of various notions and leadership is one of its notions (Daft, 2011). Management heads of on organisation use leadership strategies to lead their employees to meet the challenges. This study on leadership and management will help us to know the basic stuff of management and leadership which can be effective for the tools of coaching and mentoring. It will also make us recognise the concept of leadership and management, how to recover performance and motivation by applying the relevant skills and effectiveness of teams (Graf, 2015). At the end of this paper, I can expect us to perceive leadership and management skills and practices as a tool for motivating the coaching and mentoring process. Leading a team to get the best outcomes is called leadership. A great leader would be aware of his strengths and weaknesses. Because it helps to motivate people for new challenges and opportunities (Graf, 2015). Leadership style should be participative so that the leader should go through self-assessments. Hard work is undoubtedly the biggest strength of a good leader. A leader should have a fare sense of sharing ideas, information and data in an accountable manner. It makes their decision better (Daft, 2011). There should also be a good communication process, as a good leader is he who have an excellent communication skill. I as a leader should maintain a good relation with my team members so that the members will come close to the team. A true leader leads a team properly, motivate the team members, can set goals for his team, meet all the deadlines, and can make a good rapport amongst the followers. Managers are vital for any business activity. Managers are known to the responsible persons for anything that gets done within the company to run a business. Managers are also a kind of leader,Page 2 of 10
Coaching and Mentoring / Leadership and Managementwho motivates his sub-ordinates, helps to achieve a certain goal and meet all the challenges. Managers performances on behalf of an organisation. They set objectives for the organisation and makes sure whether the goals are achieved or not. A manager is answerable for all the activities to the directors or shareholders. Leadership is a significant function of management. Leadership and Management exist at every level of management. Reflection is used to increase coaching practices through diversity. According to some experts, a particularly significant part of empowerment whereby coaches themselves take ownership of their learning and decision making. Retrospective reflection on action is further described as that which occurs outside the action-present. Using other coaches is one-way reflective practice can be more dependable and well-organized. Coaching points are a very simple and essential way of reflecting on a performer. Management and leadership models aim at what potentials separate between followers and leaders in a company. Leaders need to change their behaviour towards theteam members. This will be performed by depending on a particular situation. Task behaviour is one of those. Leaders and describe the duties and responsibilities of the team through his behaviour. A leader should encourage his team mates to get a task done on the given time. It is called situational leadership model. A leader's behaviour can influence a tea to reach their goals. A leader provides guidance here about different word methods, develops work schedules and indicates the possible outcomes. This is known as expectancy model. Leader's behaviour effects the perception of the followers. Leaders do small thing to make an assignment more attractive (Brockbank and McGill, 2012). Sometimes leaders have several discussions with the team, where he get to know the present mental state of the members, appreciates their suggestions, encourages them to invent new ideas.One of the most effective models of leadership is Participative Model (Special issue of Page 3 of 10

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