Tourist Destination Management - Assignment

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Different categories of events the company has to offer with examplesIn present context, there are a range of categories of events that Kuoni destination managementhas to keep its focus on and these are given underneath:Private events:This type of event is basically, being considered as something whereindividuals have their own purpose of organising an event and personally book venues for them.Usually, these events deal with indoor events but nowadays companies manage outdoor eventsalso. In present context, it will be required for Kuoni destination management to mainly offerprivate events.Corporate events:Sales events, Product launch, formal parties, conference and more aresaid to be some of corporate events. Kuoni's event manager would also require to offer its clientswith these sort of events as these may lead firm to gain competitive advantages. An example canbe taken here is of Google NEXT 2018, which is being considered as international corporateevent, that took place and it was organised by Jack Morton Worldwide.Cultural events:These are organising to spread awareness among people about theculture and society of the specific area. In order to organise these events, Kuoni destinationmanagement create teams which manages various aspects of events because these eventsinfluence the mind of citizens. These events are organised and authorised by local governmentand venue is also decided by the same. Hogmanay in Edinburgh, can be considered as a goodexample of Cultural events.Three different types of events and current features and trends in the sector.If it is talked about different types of events then these are mega, sports andhallmark events and all of them are given underneath:Mega events:Basically, this type of event is organised considering a particularpurpose and i.e. to encourage and motivate people from all over the world. Inpresent context, Value-added, multifunction versatility can be considered as atrend which has helped in organising the event in much more effective and inefficient manner. Here, aim is to earn more profit and boost morale of employeeswhich helps in increasing the productivity.Sports events:These events include various types of sports activities and events suchas Olympics, athletics and many more. To organise these events, it requires aknowledge of sports like how to conduct, what are the need and factors whichinfluence the event.Detailed analysis of trends from different categories of events.Value-added, multifunction versatility:If it is analysed, value-added andmultifunction versatility is something, which has helped not only the mega events butothers as well in boosting the moral of clients. This has raised ample number ofbenefits like cost-conscious, eco-conscious, and respectful of attendees.Bringing Mindfulness:This trend can be considered as “brain breaks” for clients,which plays an essential role for rejuvenating mind-set. Basically in sports events, ithas been identified that offering clients with much more, would help them inengaging within the event for a longer time frame. This will offer much more profitfrom the event to the organisers.Customized Personalization:Under this, customization may majorly helporganizers and conductors in offering clients with the best based on their customs andreligions at the same time.Short pitch you presenting development of the events sectorBasically,Event sector is improving step by step as it decreases the individuals' burden atthe time of when event took place. Particularly, events are the stage which impacts the economy bypositive or negative. This industry is created by sorting out the mega occasions which are composedeverywhere scale as these occasions are beneficial for the organization. It is useful for the generalpublic as builds up the social network and manufactured correspondence among individuals ofvarious network which is useful in the progression of an occasion. Memorable events are thoseMANAGING CONFERENCE AND EVENTS
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