Early Childhood Education and Care (DOC)

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Running head: EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CAREEarly Childhood Education And CareName of the student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CARE1. Three different learning styles proposed by Dunn and Dunn (1978)An early childhood educator has a key role to play in the lives of the children. It isimportant that they understand the different styles of learning and its importance in the lives ofthe children. The various learning styles, as proposed by Dunn and Dunn (1987), are as follows:EnvironmentalEmotionalSociologicalPhysicalPsychologicalOut of these five learning styles, the three chosen styles include the environmental elements,sociological elements, and physiological elements.Environmental elementsThe environmental elements include the presence of absence of sound, light and itsbrightness, temperature and the feeling of hot or cold and the design formal and informal seating.The noise level is an important factor for learning (Buckingham, 2013). While some of thechildren need a quiet environment for learning, others are able to learn in a noisy environment aswell. It is important to identify the learning style in which the children are comfortable (Schmecket al., 2013). If a child needs a quieter place for concentrating and learning, then the child shouldbe allowed to move into the quieter place, thus facilitating learning (Dunn & Price, 1978). Somestudents cannot concentrate in absolute silence. It is important to identify them and permit softmusic or music without lyrics to help them concentrate and complete their learning. Along withsound, light is also an essential factor. While some children prefer to bring light, while the others
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