Different Psychological Concepts And Mindsets


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W H Y T H E ‘ F E A R O F C R I M E ’ I S S O M E T I M E S D E S C R I B E D
A S M O R E I M P O R T A N T A N D I M P A C T F U L T H A N ‘ A C T U A L
C R I M E ’ ?
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Fear of Crime” is referred as being the victim of the crime and it is
completely different to the actual probability of “being the victim of the
crime. As per the western culture, the “Fear of Crime” or the “fear of
youth” is referred to as “time immemorial”. It can be observed that “Fear
of Crime” is more noticed within persons who are theoretical minded
while persons who are not much re-focused in handling the “Fear of
Crime” often do not realize this in the elementary stage. It can be noticed
that “Fear of Crime” is mostly present within the persons, who have a fear
to get victimised through the hands of others in some places unknowingly.
The most actual victimization happens with the fear of death.
The study is very interesting because the elaboration is attached to
different psychological concepts and mind-sets of people, who have done
some wrong deeds in the past. On the other hand, the study also elaborates
about the phases that are related to the criminal victimization and the fear,
which can be influenced by other factors as well. It also includes the
general sense of vulnerability, augmentation of social decay as well as
physical decay along with the inter-group conflict. (Ditton and Farrall
In case of understanding the main concept and
theme of the study, it is understood that fear of
crime is more impactful than that of the risk of
crime because “Fear of Crime” is wholly a
personal thing and outlook and it is also
subjective in nature. The person also feels unique
while experiencing the “Fear of Crime” which is
also influenced by other factors as well. It
conducts some general sense of vulnerabilities,
from where the risk establishes and it also has a
probable effect at the same time frame.
This graph is not sensitive to regional and economic variations in crime
however it clearly presents that people get afraid or have fear of crime
irrespective of there might not be any real possibility of crime in thee
region. So there is an interesting discrepancy between perception and actual
reality and the data clearly indicates that from early 1980’s to early 90’s as
violent crime attained to historic increase, but American’s fear of crime or
victimization dropped. Another example is from England and Wales where
as per data revealed by Office for National Statics it is evident that more
people actually worry or fear of crime than what they really experience.
ONS indicated gaps between perception of crime and risk of being a victim
to be 30% higher than actual rate of crime.
Fear of Crime
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