Different Types of Material to Target Women, Men and Children

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INTRODUCTIONSustainable management defines as elements which demonstrates practices in differentcategories of enterprise, industry and society. In this aspect, every business set objectives andgoals that are set to meet with needs and requirements. Present study is based on Morrison whichis dealing in clothing industry that provides different types of material to target women, men andchildren. For gaining insight knowledge of the company, present report covers critical evaluationof business ethics, corporate social responsibility. Furthermore, it also provides concept andtheory that determines to concentrate on contrasting for the chosen organisation. 1.Critical evaluation of the companyBusiness ethicsAs per the view of Mitchell, (2013), business ethics are determines study of properbusiness policies and practices in order to solve issues. For example, corporate governance,insider trading, discrimination and corporate social responsibility. Thereafter, business leaders ofMorrison make significant decisions according to ethical behaviour. In this aspect, well informeddecisions are made through different types of theories. First theory is self interest which stronglybelieve on Morrison decisions which should be made on the basis of law (Mitchell, 2013). In thisway, behaviour would be seen as unethical in which free market economics can be grown. Thisis because, it contributes benefits to society and the concern as well. Theory is used to justifydecisions which made by leader in term of self interest. However, Voss, Quaas and Hoffmann,(2014) argued that pure free market economy is hypothetical concept which require for makingreal regulations and restriction towards the business. In this aspect, obligations are beyond to selfinterest. Beside this, debate is also exists which describes business leader for obligations. If thecompany has investor, they have legal duty to operate interest within the community andenvironment for them (Voss, Quaas and Hoffmann, 2014). Stables and Keirl, (2015), stated that business ethics theories are defines mainly twotypes such as descriptive and normative. Descriptive theory provide guidance for describingethical phenomena while normative determines general rules which frames for principles ofbehaviour. Descriptive approach to ethics are describes moral system of group and societies. Itincludes empirical research for an individual, groups and social group. This is because, it1

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