Digital Analytics, Big Data and Technologies : Assignment

Added on - Oct 2019

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Running Head: Digital Analytics, big data and technologiesDigital analytics, big data and technologies[Document subtitle]
Digital Analytics, big data and technologies2Executive SummaryIn recent time business analytics and intelligence platform responsible for mainstream data andinformation flow with a high rate of cloud-based deployments. Many of the analytics and dataleader are going for upgraded technology according to market competition and userrequirements. According to a Gartner report, visual base data discovery tools are the best featuresof current business analytics and intelligence tools. It is proved that data & information bothwork as a support system for both consumer and business. TIBCO and Tableau are a powerfuland well-rounded platform with deployment and development capabilities. The main problemarises in these platforms when privacy is invaded, as well as when sensitive information and datais lost. Due to this user or business analytics tools security and privacy ethics become veryvulnerable. Many of the business houses use so many advanced algorithmic analysis to extractdata and information so that they can use it to spot the trends of the market and also prevent thedifferent ethical issues. In this report, Gartner key insights, commentary on methods used, acritique of the presentation methods and, as well as possible improvements, is going to bedescribed. Here in this report, all things are going to explain about magic quadrant for analyticsand Business Intelligence using SWOT analysis as well as why Tableau is in the spot of Leadersquadrant and why the TIBCO is in the Visionaries.
Digital Analytics, big data and technologies3IntroductionIn recent times due to the rise in the use of new internet and computer technology in every sectorof life, increases the problems related to the security and privacy of data and information duringtheir transmission period. Many of the analytics and data leader are going for upgradedtechnology according to market competition and user requirements. According to a Gartnerreport, visual base data discovery tools are the best features of current business analytics andintelligence tools. Gartner redesigned the magic quadrant for BI intelligence and analyticsplatforms from old model structure to modern agile and analytics. There is a new wave initiatednamed as augmented analytics also available in the market. Gartner report always praises TIBCOand Tableau tools. According to Gartner analysis and business intelligence, TIBCO and Tableauare powerful and well-rounded tools for big data analytics. Due to its end to end and deploymentabilities, TIBCO and Tableau manage the data center of IOT analytics in a very unique way. Butin some way both are different from each other which makes TIBCO visionary and Tableau inthe spot of leader quadrants.Today in modern times so many people are working on distribution, collection, and execution ofdata as well as information in every business they do. Personal data and information related tolegal problems are collected by court and other legal authority. Change from paper to electronicor digital record needs a change in the security methods and various security measures to preventthis type of threat. The social problem caused due to this can be solved with full dignity in thisinformation age.Part AReport SynopsisKey InsightsAccording to Gartner report Tableau mainly offers visual based intuitive interaction experiencewhich permits the user to analyze, access and finding current errors in their database withouthaving any coding or technical skills. Whereas Tibco is very early visual base data discovery toolwhich changes the old reporting market to modern BI and analytics. Its Spotfire mainly offersinteractive visualization, analytics dashboard, and workflow with user-friendly processingoptions in the database. In the future, it is going to continue to upgrade its features which offer
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