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Problem StatementAddiction is a concept which is used for many actions we conduct in daily life and has multiplemeanings depending on the situation [1]. It can be boiled down to a desire for an object,person, or an action. The continuation of this desire despite the negative effects it strikes ona person’s physical or mental health is an indicator of addiction [2]. This research will focuson the side effects of internet addiction on students.Most educational platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, etc. offer students aplatform in which they can expand their existing skill-set but students still suffer from the issueof getting distracted and start multitasking with things that do not relate to their academics [3].There are many sociological and psychological reasons as to why students deviate from theirlectures. If a student was provided an incentive which helps them keep their mind offdistractions, focus on education is more prominent [4].The purpose of this proposal is to target the problems that affect a student’s daily lives withregard to internet addiction. Studies conducted have shown that internet addiction amongstudentsareaccompaniedbymajorproblemsincludingdropinacademics,reducedcurriculum study, reduced interpersonal relationships, weight gain/loss, and anxiety [5].Studies confirmed that increasing the internet use, internet addiction increases. This providesa market gap that can assist students and provide an incentive to fight addiction with the helpof digital solutions.Executive SummaryThe company will be named StudentHub, which literally means what it says. A hub/educationalplatform that assists students who are going through their internet addiction phase and combattheir struggles.StudentHub will be an application available on iOS/Play Store/Windows/MacOS and givesstudents an incentive to focus on their lectures, studies, and other activities that get inhibitedby technology. The application will feature a ‘lock’ button that locks the user’s phone onceselected. When a user locks their phone, they start earning ‘points’. These points can be usedfor everyday savings; offering deals from hundreds of brands including retail, shopping,entertainment, and scholarships all over the UAE. Examples of offers include ‘50% off onmovie ticket’, ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’, etc.According to Edvisors, 76 percent of students that polledsaid they had gone penniless at some time during their college career, which has gottensignificantly worse over the COVID-19 situation [6]. StudentHub assists here, by allowing
students to lock their phone while studying, and then use the points earned for their favouritedaily-life purposes.The app will be run on all mobile platforms, and through browser extensions. It’s targetaudience will be students of all ages.Literature SurveyInternet Addiction and its consequences:Despite the beneficial aspects of Internet usage, addiction has been on the rise and has beenassociatedwithreducedphysicalactivityandcausespsychologicalandsociologicalconsequences among adolescents. Internet addiction manifests among adolescents inseveral ways that enclose various aspects of Internet usage [7]. These include informationoverload, which is increased online surfing leading to reduced work productivity [7].Psychologyreportshavestatedthatwheneverinternetaddictsfeelstressed,lonely,overwhelmed, or anxious, they turn to the Internet to seek comfort. Reports from University ofIowa claimed that internet addiction is quite common among males who are suffering fromdepression [8].In fact, the prevalence of Internet addiction and depression was found to be6% and 21.5% respectively [9]. Among this, Chatting was found to be the main purpose forInternet usage. With statistical analysis, it was proved that individuals who were depressedand had a score of < 60% were more likely to have Internet addiction [9]Compulsions that concern interactive activities online such as trading stocks, online auctions,gambling, and online shopping tend to have an impact on a person’s financial stability anddisrupt their duties. Losing excessive amounts of money causes stress in relationships. It isvery easy for individuals who are susceptible to gambling to get hooked online [10].Combatting Internet AddictionMajority of researchers(e.g.,Jang & Ji, 2012;Lan & Lee, 2013)concluded that preventiveinterventions should focus on adolescents. This is due to the fact that children are in theirformative years which is when they are highly influenced by the internet which causesincreased rates of addiction. Due to this, prevention programs have been set up in schoolenvironments to counter this issue [11]. Internet based technologies possess the capacity toprevent substance use disorders [12] such as drug addiction, AI therapists, etc. But prevention
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