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Running head: DIGITAL BUSINESS1Types of eBusinessName of StudentName of Institution
DIGITAL BUSINESS2Types of eBusinessB2C exampleStarbucks URL: example of a B2C business is Star Bucks that makes use of an omni-channel approachto reach out to customers. The selling and marketing campaign utilizes social media such asFacebook and company website where it posts the location of its stores, job openings and specialevents at its stores. It also posts the reward program for regular clients (Starbucks, 20170. Thisseeks to reach out directly to its customers within the context of a business to consumer (Lauder& Straver, 2012). The company website posts the product offering, reports on its CSR and howits sources ethically in order to connect with the individual consumer.B2B exampleAdobe URL: uses its company website to post information that is intended to market its productportfolio to other businesses. Under the heading of “Business Solutions”, it posts services forenterprises, small and medium business, and industries (Adobe, 2017). The Creativity andDesign heading seeks to invite businesses to utilize its Creative Cloud and Suite under thecampaign slogan “Create Now”. Adobe targets business entities with marginal marketing thattargets individuals such as photographers. Lauder & Straver (2012), state that Adobe fits thedefinition of businesses that exchange their business information through electronic means.C2C exampleEBay URL: is an example of a business that facilitates the electronic transactions betweenindividuals or customers. Through its company website, individuals can list items for sale andinterested persons can make bids to purchase the offered items. Acting more like an auction site,
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