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Digital Forensic Investigation for Information Security

Added on -2019-09-23

This proposal discusses the use of digital forensic investigation for information security. It explains the benefits of the process and the methodology used for the project. The methodology includes a questionnaire and face-to-face interviews. The project aims to provide a clear view of the process, its benefits, and advantages.
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Running Head: DIGITAL FORENSIC INVESTIGATION1Digital forensic InvestigationName of the studentName of the universityAbstractInformation Security is the process by whichthe unauthorized access is prevented, disruption, modification, or information destruction. Here in the proposal it will be shown that how information security is used by the digital forensic department (Siponen, Mahmood and Pahnila,2014). We will see the process for doing the project step wise, where in the methodology what are the stepsthat will be used for doing the project will also be given. After reading the proposal it will be clear for everyone what the project will be on.Introduction
DIGITAL FORENSIC INVESTIGATION2Information Security is a part of the digital forensic investigation. This system is mainlyused to provide security for the information so that there are no problems created. By this process the people of the digital forensicinvestigation can stop the unwanted access to the information that are very special to getleaked or to get in the hands of the people for whom the information is not meant. Information security helps the people to secure their information from fraud people so that the information does not get public. This system is a part of the artificial intelligence where the informations are secured through various processes do that the information is not shared by people who can destroy the information or use the information for any negative purpose.Related Work or Background (Dependingon your topic)The work that needs to be done is that we need to show the benefits of the technique for the security of information and how can this be done. After completing the whole project it will be clear for every one about the topic information security and how can that be implemented and as well as how that will work (Safa, Von Solmsand Furnell, 2016). More over it will give a very clear view of the topic as a whole. The work will be basically on the use of the process of security of information. This project will provide a clear view of the process, the benefits and also the advantages of the process.

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