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Digital forensics StudyDigital ForensicsName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:Abstract-There has been increasing interests in the useof cloud computing and thus it presents different types ofopportunities for the exploration as well as the properenforcement of the laws. There must be provision for theidentification of proper changes and this will layemphasis in the preservation of data for different types offorensic purposes. Research is conducted to examine theforensic methodologies for different deployment modelsas well as cloud platforms. It has been found that thebenefits derived from the cloud storage device must besecured with the help of forensic investigation. This willhelp to understand the malicious practices that are beingcarried out and thus it can be solved with digitalforensics. This research paper will analyse theuse ofdigital forensic framework in cloud computinginvestigations.Key Words- Digital forensic science,Data acquisition,Cloud computingI.IntroductionThe concept related with the process ofvirtualisation in computing includes the use ofoperational system that is used in running the hardwareprocess. This virtualisation is provided on the groundsfrom the birth of cloud computing. There are severaldevelopments in the computing paradigm and this hasprovided different types of opportunities in cybercrimes.There were several types of developments and this hashelped in the presentation of new challenges that arenecessary for the law enforcement agencies. There weredifferent types of research efforts that were used in theadvanced stages to deal with the process of digitalforensics in traditional computing paradigms includingthe virtual environment and thus there are different typesof solution that might be applicable in the cloud process.The application of user data in the cloud environment isoften used in the distribution process that is within thejurisdiction of the forensic investigators (Martini &Choo,2012).It can be said that digital forensic science is still inthe stage of infancy and this will help in the postulationof new tools, methods as well as other types of risingcloud crime as well as attack surface. There must beapplication of digital forensic practices in the cloudcomputing environment and this has helped to payspecial attention to the research. It is necessary to puthuge effort to address the challenges and this will help infulfilling the forensic investigation in the cloud process.
1DIGITAL FORENSICSThere must be proper technical as well as fulfilment oflegal complexities in the cloud environment and this isconsidered to be one of the most serious concerns of theforensic investigation process (Sibiya, Venter &Fogwill,2012). There must be provision for different kinds ofchallenges and this will help in effective practices as wellas dealing with different types of entities. There must beprivacy in the presentation and this is considered to beone of the most important aspects that is considered forthe future development of the process of cloudcomputing and also addressing it from the perspective offorensic cloud that will help in the protection of data inthe particular environment (Birk & Wegener, 2011).A.Research AimThe aim of this paper is to analyse the use ofdigital forensic framework in the cloud computinginvestigation processB.Research ObjectivesTo understand the usage of cloud computingTo analyse the concepts related to digitalforensic frameworkTo investigate the cloud computing process indigital forensic frameworkC.Research QuestionsWhat is the use of digital forensic frameworkin the cloud computing investigation process?II.Background of the StudyIt can be said that cloud computing is one of thescalable computing resources that is provided by theexternal service with the help of Internet. These servicesare generally provided to the customers in the cloud payfor services and thus they can use it from time to time.There are different types of cloud model that providessolution to the resources based on the constraint of small,medium and micro enterprises. This can be provided indifferent forms such as community cloud, private cloud,hybrid cloud and public cloud. These types of clouds aredeployed within the system and thus it helps in thefulfilment of common interests (Zawoad&Hasan, 2013).The community clouds are shared by the organizationsfor the fulfilment of common business interests. On theother hand, the public clouds are deployed in such a waythat it is used by different research organizationsregardless of the business interests. Moreover, hybridcloud process is considered to be a combination of any ofthe clod models. The services in the cloud model can begrouped in different forms and layers and this makes iteasier to perform the task in a better way (Garfinkel,2010).The different layers in the cloud processprovides different types of services and thus it helps inthe provision of software as service (SAAS),infrastructure as service (IaaS) and platform as a service(PaasS). The most important service that is provided bythis cloud is referred to as the Hosted Desktop and this isconsidered to be the virtual machine that is generallyhosted through the cloud process. There are differenttypes of applications that are connected to the remotesystem and the local user with the help of this machine inthe same way that is done in the traditional computer(Martini &Choo, 2012). There must be proper access tothe owners of the desktops regarding the application
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