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Digital Health Assignment (Solved)

Added on - 30 Nov 2020

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DIGITAL HEALTH2AbstractThe healthcare sector has benefited abundantly from technology. Technologicaladvancements have brought about efficiency and effectiveness in how health services areadministered. Currently, it is now possible for an individual to receive healthcare serviceswithout physically going into the hospital. Patient data is easily stored in cloud servers and onecan have their information wherever they are and provide it to a health practitioner where theyare, or one that is miles away. Though the advantages of technology in the health sector areimmense, they do not lack some challenges. These advancements have brought about the issue ofdata security. There has been a constant discussion of how secure people’s data is, and theregulations needed to ensure data security in the health sector. The fact is, security is here to stay.Therefore, data security measures and regulations need to be put in place. This paper will discussdata privacy and security in respect to ensuring technology remains an advantage to the Digitalhealth approach.Keywords: Data Privacy, Data Security, Technology, Healthcare, Digital Health
DIGITAL HEALTH3Digital HealthThe term digital health has been coined from the use of technology in healthcare.Through technology, digital health has been an efficient and effective way in which peoplereceive their healthcare services. Receiving the services of a healthcare practitioner withoutphysically going to a health facility is now a reality (Shakeel et al., 2018). However, this meansthat patients’ data is stored in virtual systems and thus the issue of data security arises. Lack ofprivacy and security to patient data brings about a bleach of the doctor patient confidentiality.With increased technology so is an increase in patient data security.What are Security and privacy?There is a difference between security and privacy. While security refers to how aperson’s information is protected, privacy refers to a person’s right to control over theirinformation and the way it is used. From the two definitions, it is clear that both security andprivacy are important and have an impact on an individual data safety. Clear distinctionsbetween security and privacy are where one is asked to agree to the terms of conditions whensigning in into a new online account (Dwivedi et al., 2019). Such is privacy as one is givingpermission to the account to use their data in line to the provided terms and conditions. However,security and privacy may sometimes overlap even though they are distinct. There are differentforms of technologies that assist in ensuring a patient’s data is private and secure.The fact is, there is no technology that is totally free from security and privacy threats.Therefore, each health system will use additional forms of technological software andapproaches to minimize the bleach of doctor patient confidentiality. Despite this limitations andchallenges, the advantages provided by technology makes the health sector still go for thisoption. So, what are these forms of technology and approaches that help in reducing the risk.
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