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Running Head: Digital HealthDIGITAL HEALTH
Digital HealthIntroductionTelehealth is the system that makes the healthcare services more accessible to the patients. Withhelp of the telehealth, the patients can access the healthcare services online, without visiting thehospitals (Liu et al., 2015). Despite all the benefits, implementation of the telehealth services isposing several challenges for the healthcare professionals. Firstly, extensive use of telehealthservices is compelling the physicians to sit in front of the computer and offer the patients withhealthcare services. Secondly, in the case of telehealth, physicians require to offer the healthcareservice to the patients within a fixed time. The pre-determined time limit is also posingchallenges to the physicians for offering the quality healthcare solutions. Therefore, thehealthcare organizations need to use advanced applications of digital health technology formaking the telehealth services more efficient. The current research deals with the identificationof the solutions for the issues faced in telehealth system implementation. The research alsofocuses on the identification of a COTS (Commercial Out-of-the-shelf) solution which can beused to enhance the efficiency of the telehealth services.SolutionThere are two types of issues associated with the telehealth services-- extensive dependence onthe computers and the time-bounded nature of healthcare services. The key objective of usingtelehealth services is increasing accessibility of health care services to the patients. However, thelack of mobility of the physicians is actually affecting the accessibility of the services from otherparts of the hospitals. In a addition, the time-bounded nature of the telehealth services is alsomaking the task challenging for the physicians. The application of digital health technology2
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